Gardeners’ World explains the “best approach” to clean your decking, but cautions that you should “continue with caution.”


Gardeners’ World explains the “best approach” to clean your decking, but cautions that you should “continue with caution.”

The “best approach” to clean vast amounts of decking has been given by GARDENERS’ WORLD. The expert, however, cautioned, “act with caution.”

Large sections of decking, especially if they’re old, might be tough to clean.

If you attempt to clean your decking too vigorously, you risk harming it, which will cost you money in the long run. The “best approach” to clean decking without causing harm has been revealed by Gardeners’ World.

Lucy Hall, editor of BBC Gardeners’ World magazine, provided her professional tips on using a power washer to clean decking thoroughly but gently.

The gardening expert explained how to prepare the decking first, as well as the pressure washer settings to use.

“Start by sweeping the entire deck with a strong, bristle broom to clean a big area of decking,” she advised.

“Then get a pressure washer and get to work.

“Be wary, though, that pressure washers might loosen your decking’s surface or gouge the wood.

“This is especially true if the timber is soft.

“First, test the washer on a little hidden area and proceed with caution, but it should work properly.

“Always use the fan setting on the washer rather than the jet setting, and keep the nozzle at least 60cm away from the decking area.

“Finally, because too high a level can cause damage, try decreasing the pressure output rating.”

Other experts suggest using warm water and dish soap to make a cleaning solution.

You can also purchase a specialty wood deck cleaner, although this will likely be more expensive than using dishwashing liquid.

If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, scrub the deck using a stiff-bristle brush and a solution of your choice mixed with water.

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Cleaning your decks isn’t necessary too often; once a year should enough.

Regular maintenance, on the other hand, will ensure that your decking lasts longer.

Mould and algae can be ugly on decking, so using a powerful disinfectant treatment is the best method to get rid of them.

This type of treatment will help eliminate the stains while also preserving your decking against regrowth.

Spray the remedy on the affected region and wait for it to work.

You don’t need to brush it or use a power washer beforehand.

You can reseal your decking after washing it.

Some sealers also offer this service. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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