GAME is giving away a free FIFA 22 code with the purchase of an Xbox Series S system.


GAME is offering a free copy of FIFA 22 with purchases of the next-gen Xbox Series S console at the moment.

Last week saw the latest entry in EA’s hugely popular FIFA series released. And to mark the big FIFA 22 launch high-street retailer GAME is offering a mega money-saving deal. Right now GAME is bundling in a free FIFA 22 code with purchases of the Xbox Series S console.

That means you can pick up an Xbox Series S and a FIFA 22 code right now for £249.99. On the Microsoft Store a copy of FIFA 22 for the Xbox Series S is priced at £69.99. That’s a huge saving that the GAME deal offers, and also means Xbox fans have something to play on their shiny new console from day one.

FIFA 22 is out now – and to mark the huge release date GAME is running an incredible deal. A free code for the hit new footie game from EA is available with purchases of Xbox Series S consoles from GAME. On the Microsoft Store the standard edition of FIFA 22 is priced at £69.99.

GAME has been one of the best places to purchase a next-gen console in 2021. Right now GAME has plenty of Xbox Series S consoles in stock. When Xbox Series X stock is available GAME has a range of purchase options available, including bundles and the Series X with All Access – which lets Xbox gamers spread out the cost of the next-gen console with monthly payments.

GAME is running a trade-in programme that lets you pay as little as £84.99 for an Xbox Series S console a copy of FIFA 22. Depending on what console you trade-in, you can pay between £84.99 and £169.99 for an Xbox Series S console and a FIFA 22 code.

The Xbox Series S is a fun-sized next-generation console that offers plenty of the same features that the Xbox Series X offers, albeit at a lower price.

The Xbox Series S, like the Series X, is fitted with a solid state hard drive for super-fast load times, has a powerful AMD Zen 2 processor and is capable of next-gen features such as ray tracing graphics and 120FPS visuals.

However, the Xbox Series S is built for HD gaming – while the. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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