Gallacher, of GB News, is furious at the French runner for his “disgusting” sportsmanship.


Gallacher, of GB News, is furious at the French runner for his “disgusting” sportsmanship.

Following the completion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, GB NEWS host Kirsty Gallacher didn’t hold back her comments on French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni, as the host addressed a videotape that appeared to show him knocking water off a table during his race.

After two weeks of nonstop sporting action, Tokyo 2020 has come to an end in Japan, with Team GB equaling their best-ever medal haul. While Team GB’s performance has been the subject of much discussion on GB News over the last fortnight, Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher focused on French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni on Monday morning. And Kirsty was enraged at the runner after he seemed to knock over several water bottles throughout the race, preventing other runners from staying hydrated.

Morhad Amdouni generated outrage after a video from the Olympic marathon surfaced showing him and several runners approaching a drinks table.

Before picking up the final bottle on the table, the French runner appeared to knock over a dozen or more bottles, leaving several rivals without water.

In the end, he came in 14th place behind victor Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, but his actions, whether planned or not, overshadowed the results.

“Team GB makes the nation very proud, 65 medals at Tokyo 2020, equaling their London 2012 tally, with some dubbing it the greatest British achievement in Olympic history,” Kirsty stated to viewers on GB News’ The Great British Breakfast on Monday.

The former Sky Sports presenter then turned to Simon and asked, “Will you miss the Olympics?”

Simon paused before responding, “Erm, yes.” Actually, I could do without the closing ceremony.

“However, the Olympics themselves were incredible,” he remarked before bringing up the marathon incident, in which Simon had crossed his wires.

“Did you notice the French biker who knocked over all the water?” Simon was the one who inquired.

“It was – no, marathon runner, marathon runner – that was despicable,” Kirsty said.

“Was he cycling?” Kirsty teased her co-host. (laughs)” I know it’s Monday morning.

However, the GB News host then went off on the Frenchman, criticizing him for his sportsmanship.

“I mean, was that not astonishingly disgusting?” Kirsty was enraged. “To each and every one of his rivals.”


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