“Gal Gadot once attempted on purpose to lose the Miss Universe contest – “I was really naughty,


Gal Gadot is one of today’s most famous actresses in the film industry. Recently, her widely awaited movie “Wonder Woman 1984” was released and has since made her a true celebrity.

Gadot lived in Israel before acting and was considering what to do with her life.

She ended up in the beauty pageant for Miss Israel between high school and her plans to join the army.

The pageant opened a lot of doors for her, but only after she purposefully blew up the pageant for Miss Universe because she didn’t want to win.

Her mother, Gal Gadot, entered the Miss Israel pageant on a whim.

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Gadot did not initially plan to compete in the Miss Israel pageant, but her mother agreed to submit her photo to the competition committee.

In a resurgent interview with ‘W Magazine’ in 2017, Gadot said, “I was 18, I had just graduated from high school, and I had some time in between to go to the army,” “My mom was like, ‘Hey, why don’t I send a photo of you, you finished school, and it’s like [a]real beauty pageant.'”

Gadot had low hopes even after she got into the pageant. She felt a little overwhelmed when she finally won the Miss Israel pageant.

Gadot said, “I got in, and I never thought I would win,” “And then I won, and then it scared me. I was like, ‘What, Miss Israel? All the responsibility of being Miss Israel?”What, Miss Israel? All the responsibility for being Miss Israel?

She attempted to lose the Miss Universe pageant deliberately.

She competed in the Miss Universe pageant after winning Miss Israel. Nevertheless, she had no desire to win the contest and took action, expecting to lose.

Gadot said, “I was very naughty, I didn’t behave,” “I’m a really good girl, but because I was afraid to win again – because I didn’t want to win the Miss Israel pageant and then I won – I thought, ‘Oh no, I don’t want them to vote for me again.'”

Gadot tried everything she could think of in her attempt at self-sabotage, to minimize her chances of winning.

“So I was late to all the rehearsals, and I didn’t have the right evening clothes on for breakfast,” Gadot said. “I even remember Paula Abdul, she was one of the judges there and she asked me a question and I said, ‘Sorry, English not so good.’ Because I just didn’t want anything to do with it.”

Shortly afterwards, the ‘Wonder Woman’ star turned to acting.

Gadot hired an agent not long after the pageant and started popping up on the radar of numerous casting directors. She still had no ambition to become an actress, however.

“I wasn’t an actress then,” said Gadot. “This casting director flew from England to Israel looking for the [James] Bond girl. When my agent told me about it, I thought, ‘No way am I going to audition, I’m studying law and international relations and I’m way too smart and serious to be an actress.'”

Gadot finally realized how much fun acting could be as a profession, after going to several auditions.

“I had a callback, and another callback, and another callback, and during that process I realized, ‘Damn, acting is so much more fun than law school,'” Gadot said.


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