Gabby from Emmerdale loses her baby Thomas after turning to alcohol to cope?


Gabby from Emmerdale loses her baby Thomas after turning to alcohol to cope?

Gabby Thomas of Emmerdale may be in for a heartbreak as she struggles to cope with motherhood and may turn to booze.

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) of Emmerdale recently gave birth to a baby boy named Thomas Tate after her boyfriend and father of the child, Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), disappeared. However, it appears that she is struggling with her new job as a mother and may turn to alcohol as a coping strategy – could this result in both of baby Thomas’ parents abandoning him? Gabby was seen in Monday’s episode asking Kim Tate (Claire King) if she could keep Thomas while she went to a party with her pals since she felt left out.

Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) came into Home Farm the morning following Tuesday’s episode and enquired if Gabby was up yet before ministering to her grandchild.

Bernice’s remark was dismissed by Kim, who merely told her, “Probably sleeping off a hangover.”

Gabby ultimately awoke later in the episode, prompting Bernice to tease, “Oh finally, turns out mummy hasn’t run off with the circus after all.” “It’s milk time.” “Well, I was thinking you could give him his bottle?” Gabby said before she could hand Thomas over. You clever clogs, I gave him formula at 2 a.m. and he wolfed it down, didn’t you? Anyway, I’m making arrangements.” Bernice, taken aback by her daughter’s cold greeting to her son, joked, “To feed your baby again, I hope?” “Is this some kind of guilt trip since I don’t get it from Kim?” Gabby wondered, annoyed by her mother’s judgment. Kim had lately decided to quit Home Farm in order to concentrate on her business endeavors, leaving Bernice to inform Gabby.

She told her daughter, “Well, you won’t be for the foreseeable future either, given as she’s swanned off turns out establishing empires is more important after all.”

Gabby grumbled, seemingly unsurprised by Kim’s disappearance: “So much for the extra help.”

“Look, Gabby, you’re a new mom, and I understand how that feels,” Bernice remarked, trying to give her daughter some guidance.

“You’re suddenly deprived of your individuality, trapped by a weeing wailing ball and chain,” Gabby said, before departing for the pub.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” after getting a glass of wine from landlady Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter),


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