Future TV appearances should be limited to ‘those they can control,’ according to the Royal Family.


Future TV appearances should be limited to ‘those they can control,’ according to the Royal Family.

Following outrage from earlier interviews, THE ROYAL FAMILY has been advised against making any more TV appearances.

Various members of the British Royal Family have given TV interviews in recent years, but they are now being advised against it. One royal commentator has spoken out against the harm that these interviews might cause, proposing that they should only participate in those they “control.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made news earlier this year after appearing on American TV star Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Some praised the pair for their candor, while others chastised them for criticizing other members of the Royal Family throughout the interview.

In the meantime, Prince Andrew’s 2019 Newsnight interview garnered a lot of criticism.

The public was not pleased with the Prince’s presence on the BBC current affairs programme.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal analyst, says the famed interview will be “shown to students of public relations for years to come.”

Prince Charle’s 1994 interview with Jonathan Dimbleby and Princess Diana’s famous 1995 discussion with Martin Bashir, according to the expert, were both extremely detrimental to the monarchy.

“The royals would be prudent to limit future broadcast interviews to those that they can control,” Richard told Radio Times, referring to recent royal TV appearances.

He went on to say that Meghan and Harry were in charge of their Oprah interview.

Oprah was on the couple’s side, according to the royal analyst, and she knew what kind of message they intended to send.

He also speculated that Meghan and Harry might have been aware of the interview questions in advance.

Cultural historian Joe Moran, on the other hand, pointed out that royals have been candid on camera for a long time.

He added that The Queen’s Christmas broadcasts in the 1950s felt “naturalistic in terms of communicating with the viewer.”

Further, when it comes to the Royal Family, it has been argued that they appear to be avid TV viewers and thus have a good understanding of the media.

“Prince Philip and Prince Charles were both quite a bit on television as presenters,” Joe added, “and [the 1969 documentary]Royal Family was really an early piece of reality television.”

Joe, on the other hand, pointed out that the royals didn’t seem satisfied with the outcome of the 1969 fly-on-the-wall documentary.

“There does appear to have,” the historian stated. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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