Furious Mrs. Hinch responds to trolls who criticize her son Ronnie for collecting ‘only for girls’ dolls houses.


MRS Hinch has hit back at trolls who cruelly criticised her son Ronnie for loving playing with dolls houses.

The cleaning fanatic, 31, from Essex, said two-year-old Ronnie’s nursery said it is his favourite toy to play with, so she decided to buy one for him at home.

After sharing clips of the mini playhouse she bought online, Sophie Hinchliffe wrote: “I think I’ve finally collected everything I need to start project doll’s house tomorrow.

“I can’t wait to share it with you all.”

However, not everyone was supportive of her letting her son play with a dolls house.

Sophie shared an inbox message she received, which said: “Dolls house? Why is Ronnie playing with a dolls house?”

She hit back at the cruel message saying: “Well this has p***ed me off if I’m being honest with you.

“I don’t know why children are pigeon-holed on what to play with. If Ronnie wants to play with a dolls house, he will play with a dolls house.

“Stupid person.”

Thankfully, the criticism doesn’t seem to have stopped her plans, and Sophie said how she planned to clean the house down and then prime and paint it.

Mrs Hinch was seen scrubbing away at the miniature house, saying: “It’s coming up really nice.

“I didn’t realise how much dirt there actually was on here.”

Sophie’s tips on how to make cleaning fun, and pictures of her immaculately decorated home became a hit with fans, who kept coming back for more, seeing her Instagram account attract millions of followers.

The cleaning whizz welcomed her second child to the world on May 22, a beautiful baby boy named Lennie Alan James Hinchcliffe.

He’s a little brother to two-year-old Ronnie, who was born on June 20, 2019.

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