‘Fuller House:’ Why is the name of the dog so unique for ‘Full House’ fans?


At Full Home, Comet was an important part of the Tanner family. There was another cute dog who befriended DJ Tanner and her three sons when Netflix released its spinoff series named “Fuller House,”

Here’s what we know about the name of the golden retriever and why he is so unique to the original sitcom fans.

In ‘Full Home’, the Tanner sisters have a dog called Comet.

A lot of people lived in this “Full House” and there was even a dog for a long time.

When he was just a puppy, the characters first encountered Comet since they brought a dog called Minnie with them.

They couldn’t keep Minnie, but her owner said one of the puppies could be kept.

Even though he preferred to be called Mr. Dog by Stephanie.

After her stuffed cat, Mr. Dog,

Bear, they agreed that they would call him Comet.

With this puppy, the girls grew up. When Uncle Jesse got his first CD printed, he was there. When Joey and Uncle Jesse were filming for their production company, he was there. But this golden retriever passed away some time after the Full House ended.

Finally, on “Fuller House” DJ Tanner gets married – here’s our look at some of her unworthy lovers

In Netflix’s “Fuller House,” there is a new puppy.

“Fuller House” including John Stamos as Uncle Jesse and Candace Cameron Bure as DJ Tanner, saw the return of many of the cast members.

Comet has presumably died since several years have passed since the conclusion of the original season.

But that doesn’t mean that there is no dog in the life of the Tanner family. DJ Tanner and her family have the chance to adopt another puppy in the Netflix spinoff series.

This dog is called Cosmo by DJ’s three sons in honor of the late Comet from the original series, particularly Max, who ends up taking care of him the most.

“His full name is Cosmo T.D. (as in “The Puppy” in Cosmo). He assists the kids in their adventures throughout the series. His mother is the dog of Comet Jr. Jr. Steve Hale, which means that this lovable golden retriever is actually a Comet descendant from the original sitcom.

Full Home”Full House”

In some ‘Fuller House’ scenes, Cosmo appears.

This dog gets into trouble sometimes, especially as a puppy.

In the episode “Fuller House Fandom,” he was caught chewing up the sofa, according to “Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks.” Despite this, he is still part of the family and appears in almost every episode of the Netflix spinoff series.

Fuller House has since come to an end and a triple wedding has been attended by DJ Tanner, Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler.

Although their lives are very different, the door of a DJ is still open, even for dogs.

Most of the Full House episodes starring the lovable and sassy Comet can be streamed on Hulu.

On the Netflix streaming network, all five seasons of the Netflix original spinoff series’ Fuller House’ are available.


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