Full Cast List for ‘Jacinta’ on Hulu: Meet Rosemary and Jacinta in Hulu’s new documentary.


Full Cast List for ‘Jacinta’ on Hulu: Meet Rosemary and Jacinta in Hulu’s new documentary.

The Hulu documentary ‘Jacinta’ explores the lives of Rosemary and Jacinta, a drug-addicted and incarcerated mother-daughter combination.

Hulu is releasing an affecting documentary following mother Rosemary and her daughter Jacinta as they recover from heroin addiction in prison. In this heartwarming documentary, ‘Jacinta’ will follow the subtleties of addiction as we see people conquer their disease.

The film is shot over three years and follows Jacinta, who became involved in narcotics as a child, following in her mother’s footsteps and going in and out of jail. When Jacinta is freed this time, she expects to keep her sobriety while attempting to reunite with her ten-year-old daughter. Despite her best intentions, we observe her fight to stay clean in this candid, first-person documentary.

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Jacinta’s mother is Rosemary. She was the one who had led her daughter into the same life as a heroin addict. She is currently jailed and has a lengthy criminal record. She is relieved to see her daughter released ahead of her, but wishes she could stay by her side. In the documentary ‘Jacinta,’ we see her dealing with addiction.


Jacinta is a member of the documentary’ Jacinta’s titutar cast.

She, too, is dealing with the problem of drug addiction as the daughter of Rosemary, a heroin addict. We witness her attempt to bond with her daughter while struggling to stay sober, having been released earlier than her mother. Despite her sorrow at abandoning her mother, she makes a commitment to her daughter, as we witness her return to meet her child for the first time. Jacinta, an emotional wreck with withdrawal symptoms, is forced to confront her problems while attempting to be the mother she never had as a child.

Here is a link to the trailer:

On October 8, the Hulu Original Documentary ‘Jacinta’ will debut on Hulu and in select cinemas.


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