From the kitchen to the plane: how 24,000 meals are prepared from scratch every day.


From the kitchen to the plane: how 24,000 meals are prepared from scratch every day.

EACH YEAR, MILLIONS OF PASSENGERS EAT AIRCRAFT FOOD. Mile High Meals: Plane Food Secrets, a Channel 5 show that aired tonight, looked at what goes into preparing an airplane meal.

Plane food varies depending on which class a passenger is flying, however DNATA, the in-flight caterer, prepares the majority of it. A Channel 5 documentary aired tonight that looked behind the scenes at the kitchen where 24,000 meals are prepared from scratch every day for passengers on airlines all over the world.

DNATA serves meals to many aircraft each day, with over one million passengers in the air at any given moment.

At DNATA, all meals are planned, prepared, and delivered in kitchens near Heathrow.

Food deliveries to the caterers begin at 6 a.m., with potatoes, lettuce, carrots, onions, and leeks being among the items provided.

The components are prepared into meals in less than 12 hours from delivery to dispatch.

“It’s an operation that must run with military precision,” the show’s host added.

“Every 24 hours, 37,000 meals are prepared from scratch here and then sent around the world aboard planes.”

Hundreds of chefs cook the meals each day as part of the process from kitchen to plane.

Before being used in a meal, food items must also pass a rigorous quality control process.

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This is to ensure that the items fit on the clients’ trays, which are a snug 10cm broad by 15cm long.

Food on planes is also “far fresher” than buyers initially believe.

While it varies by airline, the majority of food is made fresh prior to a trip.

Insiders say United’s meals are served fresh around the world, which means the food is prepared on the day of the trip.

It can be prepared up to 72 hours ahead of time and then frozen to ensure that it is safe for travellers to ingest.

Even Twitter users were taken aback by how fresh aircraft food is.

“Channel 5’s program making airline food appear truly appetizing, I didn’t understand it was all created from scratch,” one user said.

“#Channel5 that airline food is lot fresher than I thought,” wrote another.

“It’ll be interesting to see.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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