From Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die, Daniel Craig discusses his favorite James Bond moment.


From Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die, Daniel Craig discusses his favorite James Bond moment.

Daniel Craig’s favorite James Bond scene is from Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die.

No Time To Die is set to hit theaters in a few months, barely a year after the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. The fifth and final excursion of Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming’s spy also marks the 25th official 007 film. And now the 53-year-old has revealed his all-time favorite Bond movie scene.

Daniel Craig penned a brief piece for Empire magazine earlier this year about his favorite movie moments.

The Mummy, starring his wife Rachel Weisz, was one among his favorites, as were Frozen, Goodfellas, Gladiator, and The Avengers, according to the actor.

However, the lone mention of James Bond on his list came from Sir Roger Moore’s 1973 debut, Live and Let Die.

“Cheering as Roger Moore danced over alligators,” he wrote simply.

Fans of Bond will recall the scene in which the one-armed Tee Hee abandons 007 to be eaten by crocodiles on a farm in the Deep South.

Moore’s spy, on the other hand, gets to get away by using the reptiles as stepping stones.

The scene was shot in Jamaica Safari Village in Ocho Rios after the crew discovered the crocodile farm while looking for locations. A sign posted outside warned that “trespassers will be eaten.”

The action of Bond jumping across the crocodiles was conceived by the owner, Ross Kananga, who was hired by the producers to perform it himself.

The prank took five takes, with the final crocodile ripping Kananga’s trousers after snapping at his leg.

While being paid $60,000 for his role in the film, he incurred a number of injuries, one of which required 193 stitches.

Of course, the farm owner was also the inspiration for Yaphet Kotto’s villain Dr Kananga nicknamed Mr Big in Live and Let Die.

The actual Kananga returned to South Florida in 1976, but died of heart failure two years later while spearfishing in the Everglades at the age of 32.

Moore kept a diary while filming Live and Let Die, which he later published.

Birth.Movies claims that

The late actor recounted how Bond producer Harry Saltzman mistreated restaurant servers and used the N-word on the set of Death., The 007 Diaries, Filming Live and Let Die. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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