From Pretty Lady to Mrs Doubtfire: 10 of the best makeovers for movies


Searching for SusanOut desperately with the old, with the new: a suburban housewife dons a groovy jacket and discovers that not all picket fences and hangers are life.

Bored Roberta (Rosanna Arquette) lives vicariously in Susan Seidelman’s 1985 comedy through the mysterious drifter Susan (Madonna), whose personal messages she reads. Her obsession leads to an imitation of the spiky, trashy aesthetic and emancipation of Susan. Amazon Prime Video (£) Quick A When Emma Stone’s squeaky-clean Olive Penderghast fibs in Will Gluck’s 2010 high school comedy about losing her virginity, her reputation takes a dive.

Olive bravely challenges the slut-shamers instead of coming clean or hiding at home by strutting around campus in a killer corset and sunglasses. NetflixTitanicA young Leonardo DiCaprio in a tux?? Uh, perfect by us.

If there’s something better under the deck than Jack Dawson as a scruffy rapscallion, it’s the frilly black tie version waiting nervously at the foot of the grand staircase for the remarkable raft-builder Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) in the 1997 film by James Cameron. The original Clark Kent, played by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 superhero film by Richard Donner, looked adorable with his crooked glasses and rumpled suit, but Lois Lane needed a pair of red underpants and a little kiss curl to see the guy he really was.

Granted, his ability to fly undoubtedly helped. Now, in this 1958 Vincente Minnelli musical, TVGigiA Parisian playboy strikes up a relationship with a 15-year-old girl, only to discover he loves her. Nowadays, Gaston of Louis Jourdan will be in prison, but Leslie Caron is delightful as Gigi, highlighting her transition to adulthood with a luminous satin dress. Available on DVDMrs DoubtfireChris Columbus’ 1993 comedy stars Robin Williams as a divorced, unemployed actor who loses his children’s custody and disguises himself to hang out with them as an older Scottish housekeeper.

An explosion of slapstick erupts when his prothetic face is run over by a truck and his boobs burst into flames in the kitchen. Disney + Overboard Makeover movies like to inspire their female characters by putting them in a pretty frock. Not so in 1987’s Overboard, which transforms a dirt-poor housewife into Goldie Hawn’s spoiled heiress.

The movie is a lot of fun if you can ignore the minor details of Kurt Russell abducting Hawn and using her as his house slave. Digital Platforms (£) Pretty Woman The “rich guy rescues downtrodden hooker” storyline has not aged well, and we all know that Julia Roberts looked better in thigh-high leather boots than she did in her later dusty lady-about-town clothes.

Still, the transformation of Roberts in Garry Marshall’s classic 1990 romantic comedy is a blast, particularly when she gets her revenge on the snooty clerks of the Rodeo Drive store who initially refuse to serve her. Spider-ManPortrait of a quirky teenager puzzled by his own body. Digital Platforms (£)

In this scenario, it is not just puberty that gets to Peter Parker of Tobey Maguire, but the bite of a genetically modified spider that causes him to go to bed as a teenage dork and wake up in Sam Raimi’s 2002 reboot with full size and vision. Now TVGreaseOlivia Newton-John had to be sewn into the high-waisted spandex pants that signify her transformation from pastel prude to volcanic sexpot.

She gains the heart of leading man Danny Zuko (John Travolta) in this way and gives its largest number to the 1978 film musical, You’re the One I Like.


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