From lethargic Labradors to agile Akitas, the Bark Run is a summer of sport and joy for 140 dogs.


From lethargic Labradors to agile Akitas, the Bark Run is a summer of sport and joy for 140 dogs.

Lorraine Kelly and Victoria Pendleton took part in the first-ever Bark Run with 140 dogs, which helped to begin a unique walk.

The 3km agility course around Wimbledon Common tested the canine companions’ mental and physical abilities, similar to the Park Runs that take place across the UK.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds gathered for a day of dashing over hay bales and searching for treats, from lethargic Labradors to agile Akitas.

The “Zig Wag” — a zig-zag stroll to test a dog’s balance —, the “Sprinted Slalom” — a run and dodge element through hay bales —, and the “Drenched Doggy Dash” climax were among the obstacles. launched the Bark Run to recognize canines participating in the “summer of sport.”

Smaller dogs came in useful in the yoga-inspired “Downward Dog,” where they were forced to crawl through enclosed passageways to get to the other side.

And there’s “Every Day I’m Snufflin,” a timed treasure hunt for dogs in which they must sniff out a sequence of treats and toys.

Victoria Pendleton, a double gold Olympic medalist and nine-time world champion, opened the competition with her beloved Malinois, Vala.

Lorraine Kelly, a ambassador and dog lover, was close following in the obstacle course with her Border Terrier, Angus.

“I understand the importance of picking the correct food to generate good performance, and my dogs are no exception,” Victoria added.

“Being the first person to participate in Bark Run has been an honor. Vala performed a fantastic job — we create a fantastic team.”

“Bark Run is designed to offer walkies with a difference for dogs and their owners no matter what the dog’s age, breed, or lifestyle is,” Sean McCormack, head vet at, said.

“We witness the benefits of personalized nutrition in growing healthy, happy dogs for our customers every day, and Bark Run is a fantastic way for dogs and their owners to participate in a sporting event together.

“We all wanted to celebrate the ‘Summer of Sport,’ and we don’t think dogs should be excluded.”

Here’s how to put up your own Bark Run at home, including a Bark Run at Home guide to help you create your own challenge.


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