From Candyman to Charlie No-Face, terrifying urban tales that proved out to be true.


Candyman is set to make a frightening return to the cinema next week and to mark the occasion, Brinkwire has taken a look at the urban legends that turned out to be true

Say his name five times in front of a mirror and the Candyman will appear…a blood-stained killer with a hook for a hand.

So goes the urban legend of Candyman – made into a nerve-shredding horror film back in 1992, with a sequel out next week.

The original told the tale of the spirit of a black man lynched in the 19th century for having an affair with a white woman, who begins terrorising a female student researching the legend.

This new version – written by Get Out’s Jordan Peele – sees Tony Todd reprising the killer role.

One of the original’s most famous scenes involves the murderous spirit bursting through the heroine’s medicine cabinet – but did you know it was rooted in reality, as are many famous and terrifying urban myths?

Brinkwire has taken a look at the urban legends that turned out to be true.

The film was inspired by a short story – The Forbidden – which saw people attacked after saying the Candyman’s name five times into a mirror. But it also has roots in a real-life murder case.

In 1987, a Chicago woman named Ruthie McCoy was murdered by attackers who clambered in through her bathroom cabinet.

The 52-year-old lived in an apartment block and it turned out behind each flat was secret pipes and passageways to make it easy for repairs – but also for break-ins – and intruders had used those to come in and shoot her dead.

Witnesses claimed they saw two men, Ted Turner, then aged 18, and John Honduras, 21, carrying her TV and rocking chair around the building after her death.

They were charged with a string of offfences including murder and armed robbery but the charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Viewers of Luther will still tremble at the first episode of 2013 series which saw a masked killer lying in wait for his victim in the space beneath her bed – Idris Elba even apologised for it.

But a famous urban legend – which really happened tells of a couple unknowingly spending the night above a dead body stuffed under their bed.

In 2010, it emerged James and Rhonda Sargent had been sleeping above the body of Sony Millbrook at the. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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