From Allardyce’s ’embarrassing’ FA Cup jig to Pardew’s ’embarrassing’ FA Cup jig, here are the five worst manager dad dances.


From Allardyce’s ’embarrassing’ FA Cup jig to Pardew’s ’embarrassing’ FA Cup jig, here are the five worst manager father dances.

Dancing and football go together on occasion, but not always, and Brinkwire Sport examines the five worst dad dances produced by managers.

From Ronaldinho’s samba to South Africa’s choreographed boogie, everyone loves a cheeky little dance after a goal.

They’re the kinds of celebrations that stick with you for a long time.

They are, however, occasionally remembered for the wrong reasons.

Alan Pardew has yet to recover from his jig in the FA Cup final, when Jason Puncheon fired Crystal Palace past Manchester United.

But Pardew isn’t the only manager who has flaunted a move in front of the entire football world.

And Brinkwire Sport is taking a look at five managers who had a cheeky boogie in front of the entire footballing world.

Pardew turned to the crowd and began to dance after Joel Ward lifted the ball up over the United defense to an onrushing Jason Puncheon, who blasted the ball into the net.

His now-famous camera stare was accompanied by a two-step and some unusual hand movements.

“I’m sorry for the dance.

“I should never have done it – people remember it, unfortunately,” Pardew later admitted. “My daughter had said, ‘There’s this new dance,’ and that must have been in my head!”

Jesse Lingard turned the game on its head by scoring to give United a 2-1 lead before breaking into a dance of his own.

Let us know which two managers you’d like to see in a dance-off in the comments section.

It’s strange to see Louis van Gaal with his hair down when he’s known as one of football’s greatest disciplinarians.

While leading the Netherlands national team for the second time in three years.

However, in 2013, while floating down a canal at Amsterdam’s Gay Pride Festival, Van Gaal demonstrated his softer side by busting a move for a crowd of delighted onlookers.

After a cycling accident that required him to use a wheelchair, the Dutchman was most recently seen driving over his side in a golf buggy.

Sunderland had just stayed afloat in the Premier League thanks to Sam Allardyce’s efforts.

And Big Sam was spotted partying in Marbella with some dubious dance moves.

Allardyce was photographed pumping his arm to house music while spinning in a circle, with onlookers’ jaws on the ground.

It’s not the first time Allardyce has been caught dancing; he once danced with Jay-Jay Okocha.

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