‘Friends’: Paul Rudd once ran with a Segway on set over Jennifer Aniston’s foot and feared he was going to get fired


A little later than most, Paul Rudd joined the Friends cast and became a series regular in season 9. However, he was worried at the beginning of filming that he might lose the gig due to a reckless accident.

He mistakenly drove the new Segway of Jennifer Aniston right over her already injured foot, terrifying everyone that day on set.

When they first arrived on the market, Jennifer Aniston enjoyed riding Segways

“After the casting director wrote only one note after his audition, Marvel star Paul Rudd got a “Mates” role – “Dreamy

The Segway had just hit the market at the time that Paul Rudd became a part of the “Friends” cast and was a hot commodity.

Aniston was one of the first to get one from the cast, and she entertained herself by riding it between scenes around the set.

In an interview with Howard Stern that resurfaced in 2019, Rudd recalled that time.

“She had a Segway, I think it was the first episode, maybe – it was the first or second episode and she had a Segway because I think it was a brand new thing, you know, and she was zipping around the soundstage,” Rudd said.

All wanted to ride the Segway on set

Everyone on set wanted to ride Aniston’s Segway because it was still a technical novelty. The first to get on the Segway was Matt LeBlanc, and he was able to steer it without any problems.

That inspired Rudd, too, to try it out.

And her foot was injured,” continued Rudd. “She had a broken foot, I don’t know, I suppose. Not that in order to get around, she needed a Segway, but she was kind of using this stuff.

And Matt LeBlanc decided to give it a try, and I said, ‘Oh, can I give it a try? ‘I’ve never been on one, you know.’

Paul Rudd jumped over the injured foot of Jennifer Aniston with a Segway

Rudd was obviously excited about riding the Segway, but things went awry quickly.

Aniston had tried to demonstrate to him how to properly use the device, but Rudd made a mistake and ended up driving her injured foot right over it.

And she kept it as I stood on it and said, ‘Okay, just be careful, because it’s a struggle to find your center of gravity,'” Rudd said. “And I said, ‘Okay, all right,’ and then she let go, and I began to lean back or turn, and instead of going straight, I turned the thing around.

And it was flowing just over her foot. Her bad foot, her bad foot.

They were all thinking about Jennifer Aniston.

Since Aniston was one of the main characters in one of the most famous TV shows of all time, when she got hurt, everybody freaked out.

The crew knew they could not afford to lose her, so when the incident occurred, the response was not perfect.

“She said to herself, ‘Oh! ‘And then I was able to say… Rudd said, ” Rudd said. ” She said, ‘I’m okay, I’m okay.’ …’

She took it like a pro, while Aniston was in severe pain, and said she was fine.

“She was in pain … I think it was this default mechanism in her, she’s like, ‘No, no, don’t worry, it’s fine, I’m okay, I’m okay, I just need to sit down for a second,'”

Paul Rudd was worried that he might get fired.

He was rather replaceable because Rudd was a relative newcomer to the series at the time. Knowing that, he was concerned that he would be booted off the show due to his little mistake.

“No one is going to miss Mike Hannigan,” said Rudd.


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