Friends of Princess Diana Speak Out Against Her ‘Spencer’ Role.


Friends of Princess Diana Speak Out Against Her ‘Spencer’ Role.

As more people see filmmaker Pablo Larran’s latest film, Spencer, many issues regarding the film’s validity are being raised. While any film can be considered art, this one is based on the late Princess Diana’s real-life experiences. The film is based on the four-day period in 1991 when Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage broke down, but it takes its own creative liberties.

Instead of being a biopic, Pablo refers to Spencer as “a fable from a true tragedy,” thus the film isn’t attempting to be an authentic portrayal of Princess Diana’s life. When a story is based on a real person, especially one whose identity is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the story must be based on some type of fact. But how reliable is Spencer’s information? Diana struggles with bulimia and self-harm in Spencer. Diana, on the other hand, claimed that by the time she and Charles were in trouble, she had mostly overcome those difficulties. Diana was embracing her strength by 1991, sporting her signature “sleek crop” hairdo, which Spencer does not have.

Sam McKnight, the hairdresser who created Diana’s classic haircut, told The Telegraph that Diana was “disarming.” “She was pleasant, humorous, and genuinely normal – that was a significant part of her attraction,” he said. It was never done in a phony manner.” Unlike the “victim” image created by Spencer, Diana was a woman in complete control of her own identity, despite her well-known mental health issues.

“That Christmas she was there with Fergie, she was fairly depressed and she wasn’t speaking to Charles, but she wasn’t cutting herself at that moment,” Diana’s friend Ingrid Seward recalled of the film. They’ve crammed everything unpleasant into one weekend, which is a bit poetic license gone too far. … Diana, I don’t believe, saw herself as a victim.” Ingrid confessed, “She would not want to be known as someone who was damaging to the monarchy.” “She told me that the monarchy was the future of her sons, and that she would never strive to overthrow it.” She’d be devastated if people assumed she and Charles had never loved each other. That was not the case. She’d be appalled at how she’s presently portrayed.” Despite Diana’s close circle’s criticisms, most people between… Brinkwire summary


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