‘Friends’: nearly cut Jennifer Aniston from the show


Friends is one of those shows which is still loved today, although it ended years ago.

Suddenly, the six young men and women who lived from each other across the street became the desired picture of every group of friends.

It turns out, though, that Jennifer Aniston, arguably the most remarkable character of the season, almost did not make it through the first few episodes.

In real life, the “Friends” actors have become too close.

It was hard to ignore the chemistry between the group of friends on screen once filming started.

The actors found each other easily and made the tales of their characters about friendships all the more plausible.

Over the run of the season, the 20-somethings had spent so much time together that their lives were no longer complete without each other.

“It’s like no time has passed, you know,”It’s like no time has passed, you know. If people have been sitting for 10 years in a building without windows, all day, every day, and then you let them out, they’re going to drift apart.

But still, when they get together again, it’s like it never stopped.

Since their first encounter in the early 1990s, the ladies in the series have also remained particularly close. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow talk together, and Aniston welcomed Cox and Kudrow to her romantic wedding to Justin Theroux in 2015.

‘Friends’: the funny tale behind the famous New Year’s Eve dance routine by Ross and Monica

The producers were not persuaded that Jennifer Aniston had been cut out for the program.

As probably the most famous member of the series, Aniston is remembered.

Rachel Green, the glamorous and eccentric character whose longtime romance with Ross Gellar made her someone everyone wanted to be at the time, played the actress.

It turned out, however, that when they cast her for the film, the producers hadn’t yet realized Aniston’s potential. Aniston revealed in a 2013 interview with Us Weekly that she was the last of the six actresses to sign on for the film; she was also Rachel Green’s third choice, and the producers didn’t have much confidence in her.

“I had to sit out when we were doing our cast photos,” Aniston recalled the moment she was first on the show. When talking about the photo shoot in front of the fountain, Aniston said, “I was asked to step out of a pile because they didn’t know if I was still going to play Rachel,”

However, in the end, Aniston proved everyone wrong.

She was immediately the character everyone remembered from the moment the series began.

Aniston received an Emmy later on for her performance.

The cast of ‘Friends’ is back together again

For more than 15 years, the “Friends” cast has been off the air, but now a revival is in the works. HBO Max confirmed that for a reunion special in 2020, the cast would reunite. Matthew Perry announced last year that, while the official date is still uncertain, the special will air sometime in March 2021.

The reunion will feature the series’ entire original cast, but they will appear as themselves and not as their protagonists.

The pandemic has postponed production, but the cast and fans are still eager to start a reunion.


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