Friends dubbed Kate Middleton ‘Fit Kate,’ and guys were envious of those who dated her.


Friends dubbed Kate Middleton ‘Fit Kate,’ and guys were envious of those who dated her.

It has been said that when Kate Middleton was younger, she was known as “Fit Kate” and that men were envious of those who dated her.

Kate signed up to work aboard the BT Global Challenge yacht in Southampton during her gap year, following a three-month vacation to Florence, and she proved to be a popular.

During her time there, she began dating fellow deckhand Ian Henry.

“Everyone called her Fit Kate and the men were really jealous when she got together with Ian,” a fellow crewmate told the Mail on Sunday.

“It was just a summer romance, nothing serious,” says the author, “and it ended when they parted ways to start university.”

Prince William also found time for a relationship during his gap year.

He began courting Rose Farquhar, Captain Ian Farquhar’s daughter, and the two went on romantic picnics in the Gloucestershire countryside.

According to the publication, a farmer came upon them kissing in his field.

Harry Blakemore was Kate’s first serious relationship, and when things didn’t work out, he left her “heartbroken.”

🔵 For the most up-to-date information, visit our Royal Family live blog. When the Duchess traveled to Florence for a gap year in 2001, she was claimed to be “hung up” on the hockey captain, whom she met while studying at Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

“She chatted about him all the time and he seemed to have screwed her around quite a bit,” a school buddy previously told the Mail on Sunday.

The Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton’s love story began in 2001, when they met as undergraduates at the University of St Andrews’ St Salvator’s Hall.

They began dating shortly after, in 2003, and announced their engagement in 2010, following a shocking breakup in 2007.

After more than a decade, Kate Middleton is now the Duchess of Cambridge, and she and her husband Will have three gorgeous children.

We have discussed how photographs reveal romantic moments between Kate Middleton and Prince William, who appear to be more in love than ever.


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