French residency laws have put tens of thousands of British expats in a “precarious predicament.”


French residency laws have put tens of thousands of British expats in a “precarious predicament.”

THOUSANDS of British expatriates could find themselves in a “precarious scenario” as the deadline for post-Brexit residency applications in France approaches on October 1.

With only a few days to the deadline, the British Embassy in Paris said in June that up to 10,000 Britons have still to apply for a carte de séjour.

Britons have been needed to seek a residency card to remain in France since the UK exited the EU, and those who do not have one will be considered illegal.

Permanent residency is granted to anyone who have lived in France for more than five years.

Those who have resided there for less than five years can apply for a carte de séjour, which can later be renewed for a permanent card.

Since the Brexit transition period ended, British expats in France have been compelled to register for a card.

Although most EU countries have already closed the application process, the original deadline in France was June 30. It was later extended to September 30.

Britons in France who have yet to apply for a residency card have been given with an urgent warning.

“If you don’t apply, you risk losing health/social security rights in France,” a foreign correspondent, Kim Willsher, tweeted. Don’t hold your breath for another extension.” “Many thousands will be in a precarious situation on October 1st 2021,” a representative for the citizens’ rights group Remain in France Together said.

“The deadline has not yet been officially changed by the French government, and there are only a few working days remaining.”

With up to 2,200 rejections so far, some candidates have been denied a resident visa.

According to the most recent estimates, France has roughly 148,300 British citizens, despite the fact that the number was never precisely recorded while the UK was a member of the EU.

“Thousands of UK people who filed for residency in France months ago face being accused of being illegally resident, with all the suffering it entails,” the campaigning organization British in Europe stated.

“The law stipulates that you must have a card starting on the 1/10, and that rule has yet to be officially altered.”

“Our home country may have opted for Brexit, but the United Kingdom in France deserves better.” There is nothing else these residents of the United Kingdom can do.” Some of them were. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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