Freeze-able Christmas meals Make sure you have everything you need on December 25 – including roast potatoes and gravy – RIGHT NOW.


WITH reports of potentially running out of Christmas goodies early this year due to HGV driver shortages, plenty are buying their family favs ahead of time.

But for those who want to be sure they’re all set for December 25th ahead of time, there are plenty of festive foods that can be bought now and frozen.

M&S, Iceland and Aldi have all reported increases in sales of their frozen Christmas turkeys.

But if you decide to bag one, there’s no need to freeze the turkey whole as chefs revealed how to prep your Christmas meal in advance to give yourself a relaxed Christmas morning.

The turkey takes centre stage on most people’s festive tables and James Dennis at The White Hart in Wimborne told Mail Online that you can prep this now and freeze it.

He said: “If you do manage to get a turkey, pour some leftover gravy over the cooked turkey and freeze it. This helps to keep the meat moist, and means the turkey lasts longer too.”


Simon Shaw, multi-award-winning Chef Patron & Creative Director of El Gato Negro, Habas and Canto suggested taking the bones out of the bird to save space in the freezer.

He said: “It’s a great way of saving freezer space and significantly reduces the preparation and cooking time on the big day, one of most people’s greatest concerns.

‘For those looking to get ahead, speak to your local butcher about removing the breast and legs from the turkey and ask them to vac pack them for you, ready for freezing.”

If you really struggle to get your hands on a turkey, some chefs stressed that other birds and meats are just as good.

Jordan Moore, Senior Recipe Developer at Gousto said: “Whilst we all have a little trouble shaking up our family traditions, there are plenty of alternative show-stopping centrepieces you can satisfy your festive feast cravings with this year.”

Getting the gravy right is a big deal for die-hard roast fans.

Oliver Marlowe, Owner Chef Director of The Hunter’s Moon and Ganymede suggested saving the juices from any roast chickens you make ahead of the day.

He said that he would usually reduce it down and then freeze the liquid in ice cube trays.

You then just need to pop one of those cubes into your gravy on Christmas Day and you’ve got a favour-packed stock cube.

Everyone goes wild for the pigs in blankets on Christmas Day – apart from the vegetarians who aren’t very keen.

You can have yours good to go now by dousing… Brinkwire Brief News.


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