Free PS5, PS4 games for PS Plus subscribers in December 2021: Godfall Coming to PlayStation Plus at long last.


Free PS5, PS4 games for PS Plus subscribers in December 2021: Godfall Coming to PlayStation Plus at long last.

GODFALL is rumored to be joining the PlayStation Plus lineup in December, along with a couple of other great PS4 games.

It appears that the free PlayStation Plus games for December 2021 have just been leaked.

Despite the fact that the official presentation is due for next week, one merchant appears to have leaked the lineup ahead of time.

While Sony has yet to confirm, a French retailer’s advertisement claims that Godfall Challenger Edition, Mortal Shell, and LEGO DC Super Villains will be available on PlayStation Plus in December.

On December 1, Sony is expected to make an official announcement, followed by the release of the games on December 7.

The only question now is what fans may expect from the Godfall Challenger Edition, assuming the leak is genuine.

It’s unknown what will be included in the mysterious Challenger Edition because it hasn’t been officially revealed.

It’s most likely a regular edition of the game that doesn’t include the Ascended content or the Fire and Darkness expansion.

The other two PlayStation Plus titles, Mortal Shell and LEGO DC Super Villains, are expected to be released on PS4.

Members of PlayStation Plus can play games online with their pals.

If the rumors are true, PlayStation Plus will have another successful month in December 2021.

Mortal Shell is a Dark Souls-inspired game featuring a unique body-swapping mechanic.

The official description reads, “Mortal Shell is a harsh and deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a broken universe.”

“zealous foes fester in the ruins while humanity’s remains wither and rot. Survival necessitates exceptional awareness, precision, and intuition, and they spare no compassion. Discover your actual destiny by tracking down hidden sanctuaries of committed believers.” LEGO DC Super Villains, on the other hand, is a vibrant and enjoyable action game including characters such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Gorilla Grodd.

“It’s fun to be a jerk… Begin a brand-new DCLEGO adventure by proving yourself to be the best villain the universe has ever seen.

“Throughout the game, players will design and play as a brand-new supervillain, unleashing mischievous pranks and causing havoc in an action-packed plot.

“The Justice League has vanished, leaving Earth’s security to their opposites, who have declared themselves the ‘Justice Syndicate,’ set in an open world experience within the DC universe.

“It’s up to you and a ragtag collection of misfits to figure out what the new Earth’s plans are. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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