Freddie Mercury’s greatest regret regarding his friendship with Michael Jackson is that he “blew it.”


Freddie Mercury’s greatest regret regarding his friendship with Michael Jackson is that he “blew it.”

In the years leading up to the release of Thriller, FREDDIE MERCURY and Michael Jackson had a close friendship. Watch the Queen star discuss their creative “attraction,” the “unfinished works of art we have in the vault,” and why he “blew it.”

Few people realized that two of the twentieth century’s biggest and most spectacular music performers had a close bond that almost led to the Queen singer being featured on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. Freddie was initially chased by MJ. When asked if he was a Queen fan backstage during a gig in Los Angeles, Jackson reportedly said, “I’m a Freddie Mercury fan,” according to Rolling Stone.

Freddie told up about their friendship, producing music together, and why he could never live like Michael in a moving interview with Lisa Robinson in 1983.

“He used to come to our gigs at the Forum in LA in the early days, three, four years ago,” he recalled. He seems to like us. So I met him, and he continued to visit us. We began conversing.”

“I recall having supper with him.”

The conversation took place a year after the publication of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, which made him the most famous person on the planet. Freddie had worked on three tracks with Jackson, and he smiles in the interview when he realizes he might have appeared on the album that was already on its way to becoming the best-selling record of all time.

“I believe one of the tracks would have been on the Thriller album if I had finished it,” Freddie stated.

“I was originally going to be on Thriller,” he stated simply at another point. Can you believe it? I messed up!”

He detailed what transpired and how he was replaced by Mick Jagger on another session with the Jacksons in an interview with Radio One.

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“I guess that is the attraction,” Freddie said on Radio One, explaining why they were brought together since they were so different in personality and musical style.

“In the vault, there are still incomplete works of art. “Brinkwire Summary News” says they haven’t materialized.


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