Freddie Flintoff’s net worth: The cricket star and Top Gear host is worth a fortune.


Freddie Flintoff’s net worth: The cricket star and Top Gear host is worth a fortune.

FREDDIE FLINTOFF’S cricket career is legendary, but how much is he worth now that he’s moved into television?

Since his brilliant cricket career, Freddie Flintoff, 43, has been in the spotlight. The former athlete turned broadcaster is a tireless worker, and his most recent television appearance has him riding around the United Kingdom with a slew of celebrities to raise money for Unicef. But what is the net worth of the Top Gear hosts?

According to, Freddie Flintoff has a net worth of $20 million.

That’s about £14.5 million in today’s money.

Andrew Flintoff, Freddie’s real name, was born on December 6, 1977 in Preston, Lancashire, England.

Flintoff began his career as a tall, fast bowler, batsman, and slip fielder for Lancashire Country Cricket Club, and as a tall, fast bowler, batsman, and slip fielder, he was consistently rated among the top international all-rounders by the ICC.

After making his Test debut against South Africa at Trent Bridge in Nottinghamshire in 1998, he went on to become an important player for England, serving as captain and vice-captain.

Freddie was a strong cricketer by 2002, and he was sometimes likened to Ian Botham, another of England’s greatest cricketers.

Freddie broke Ian’s 1981 record of six sixes in an Ashes Test Match with five in the first innings and four more in the second innings in a Second Test match against Australia in 2005.

In total, he scored 141 runs in the game.

He was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2005 and MCC Spirit of the Cricket Award 2005 for his performances that year.

The Queen bestowed an MBE to Freddie a year later in the New Year’s Honours List.

Freddie, on the other hand, was plagued by ailments throughout his international career, owing to his large body and bowling style.

He only appeared in 13 of England’s 36 Test matches between 2007 and 2009.

Freddie declared his retirement from Test cricket after the end of the 2009 Ashes series on July 15, 2009, but stated that he was willing to play in One Day International and Twenty20 International matches.

After surgery on his knee, Freddie got deep vein thrombosis a few months later, and he announced his retirement from all cricket on September 16, 2010.

Following his retirement, Freddie became a team captain on James Corden’s Sky One game show A League of Their Own.

He’s had a lot of “Brinkwire Summary News” as well.


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