Fred Savage is taking part in the reboot of ‘The Wonder Years,’ but not in front of the camera.


Fred Savage is taking part in the reboot of ‘The Wonder Years,’ but not in front of the camera.

There’s more stuff for us to consume than ever before, and in a variety of genres, thanks to everyone and their mother establishing a streaming platform. While there is a lot of original programming being produced on these platforms, there will always be a lot of reboots.

They’re even redoing The Wonder Years, and many fans are wondering if Fred Savage will appear in it.

Fred appears to have escaped the child actor curse somewhat unscathed. He not only appears to be a fairly well-adjusted adult, but he’s also been killing it in the entertainment sector, and I’m not just referring to his Austin Powers Mole persona. If you’ve seen Friends From College, you’ll know that Savage has some serious comedic chops; he’s actually quite fantastic in the show.

So, will he be able to show off his acting skills in the reboot of The Wonder Years? After all, the show is no longer about Kevin and the Arnold family. In fact, it’s set in 1968 in Montgomery, Alabama, and it’s about a middle-class Black family.

The original series spanned the same time period, from 1968 to 1973. So, if the remake happened, and Kevin went to Alabama for some reason, they’d have to set up a bunch of de-aging CGI to pull off that out-of-left-field appearance.

For the purpose of nostalgia, Fred may appear in some episodes in a different capacity. However, he also serves as a producer and director on the show. According to the IMDb page for the series, Fred directed the first three episodes.

Savage described the relaunch as a “spiritual, emotional cousin to the previous one” in an interview with People. He also talked about how fortunate he was to be a part of a show with such a long heritage from such a young age, and how the main goal of the Wonder Years revival is to recreate the same sense of “tone… memory… [and]warmth” as the original series.

I was sceptical about the reboot because I was a major fan of the original “The Wonder Years.” I’ve just completed watching the fourth episode. OMG, what an incredible spectacle. I’m completely taken aback. @WonderYearsABC @ABCNetwork @DonCheadle #TheWonderYears The original Wonder Years had an unmistakably pleasant feel about it. There’s a reason it was such a hit show. If you’re wondering why the reboot is garnering mixed reviews, it’s because… Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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