Foto Hat Fans über Cap’s Schild verwirrt ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’


The shield of Captain America has a new creator.

Steve Rogers (played by actor Chris Evans) hands over the eponymous security and weaponry system to Falcon/Sam Wilson at the end of Marvel’s 2019 blockbuster Avengers: Endgame (played by Anthony Mackie). It was both a literal and figurative moment to pass over the mantle, and it is speculated that the next Captain America is going to be Wilson.

Upon obtaining the shield in the forthcoming Disney series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, viewers can actually see what Wilson does.

Until March 2021, the streaming series will not premiere, but new images from the TV set have puzzled fans about the role of Wilson and whether or not he is really the next Captain America.

How the Falcon and Captain America tales were woven together.

‘Avengers: Endgame’: The struggle of Captain America with his past self guides his choice to remain with Peggy

If you need a quick refresher on how the stories of Captain America/Steve Rogers and Falcon/Sam Wilson clashed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s understandable.

After all, over a decade ago, the first MCU movie was seen (2008’s Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr.). We have passed through three separate phases of the MCU since then, with phase four starting in 2021.

During World War II, Howard Stark gave Rogers his first Vibranium shield, and the Captain continued to use it in the Avengers films and when he was part of S.H.I.E.l.D..

In the numerous MCU films, viewers get to see various variations of the shield, including fresh retractable vibranium shields in Infinity War.

Rogers journeys back to the mid-19th century in Endgame, and fans then see him again in 2023, when he is handed over to a revived Sam Wilson by an older Rogers.

Speaking of Wilson, as Wilson befriends Rogers in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, viewers first meet Wilson in the MCU films. In the following films, the two of them become close friends, battling together against Hydra, Helmut Zemo, Thanos and other villains. Rogers really entrusts Wilson with one of his most valuable possessions, it becomes apparent.

The handing over of the shield at the time suggested that Wilson will become the next Captain America, but fresh images leave the audience in conflict as to whether or not this is valid.

Fresh images from ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ are misleading viewers

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A new picture recently emerged on Reddit showing behind-the-scenes footage from the forthcoming “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” series from Disney.

But there’s only one problem: Wilson doesn’t bear the trademark of Captain America, nor the all-important red, white, and blue shield.

Among many MCU fans, this has led to uncertainty as to whether or not Falcon is really Captain America.

“Will Falcon actually be Cap in this series, or will the whole series be ‘the shield is complicated’ and he never picks it up?” one Reddit fan asked. Another fan, meanwhile, suggested that this shot just shows Falcon before he steps fully into his new role, writing, “I feel like they’re using this series to give him a chance to settle into the role, and then the next time he shows up in the movies he’s fully Cap.”

While the leaked pictures show that Falcon may not be taking full responsibility for Captain America, Marvel itself has made it clear in the past that Falcon is indeed going to be the next Captain America.

Marvel editor-in-chief Tom Brevoort told the NY Daily News back in 2014 that Marvel had always intended to be the black superhero Falcon for the second edition of the All-American hero.

This is mirrored in comics which have Sam Wilson as Captain America, such as Secret Wars and Marvel’s Generations.

Fans suspect that timing is all about it.

When will the Captain America shield actually be worn by Sam Wilson?

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One Reddit user posted, “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the last shot of the penultimate episode shows him in his new cap suit.” in response to the leaked images.

“Another Reddit user had a somewhat more complex timing theory: “I hope it’s not that cliché, but it’s probably going to be where he doesn’t want it, and then somebody’s going to clarify the significance of a sign.

There’s going to be a montage, and then he’s going to turn up with a new suit, just in time for a major fight.


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