Former pals of Princess Andre had made fun of brother Harvey Price, she reveals.


Former pals of Princess Andre had made fun of brother Harvey Price, she reveals.

Princess Andre claims to be “protective” of her older brother Harvey Price, who was born with a variety of physical issues, including Prader-Willi Syndrome, ADHD, autism, and the inability to see.

Princess Andre, Katie Price’s eldest daughter, has separated herself from previous pals who she claims made fun of her crippled older brother Harvey Price.

In a chapter of her mother’s new book, Harvey and Me, the 14-year-old says she doesn’t understand why people can be “so rude” to Harvey.

Princess remarked: “People don’t realize he’s actually quite innocent.

“I’m not sure why people feel compelled to be so cruel to him.

“Some of my friends have made fun of him in the past, but if they do that, they’re not really my friends.”

Trolls who have harassed her brother online have also been labeled “cowards” by the adolescent.

She stated, ” “Unfortunately, Harvey receives a lot of online hatred, which is terrible.

“People say things behind a computer screen that they don’t say to our faces.

“They wouldn’t dare to say it in front of Harvey. They’re a bunch of cowards.” After saying that they’ve grown “very close,” Princess stated that she “wouldn’t change her brother for the world.”

Harvey recently relocated to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, to attend a residential college.

Katie, 43, said that after her son moved out in August, she was able to “breathe for the first time.”

Katie says in her new book that she feels bad that Harvey lives so far away from her, but that she is relieved that he is getting the attention he need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Princess went on to say that he can be tough to care for at times.

She stated, ” “Harvey, our older brother, is our greatest favorite. We have a lot of fun together, although his impairments make it tough at times. He can be difficult to manage.

“When he’s acting up, I try to leave it to Mum to deal with him because she understands him better than anyone.”

Katie has four other children: Junior, 16, Princess, 14, Jett, eight, and Bunny, seven years old.

Princess went on to say: “Junior and Harvey are also very close. Bunny and Jett try to stay away from him when he becomes angry because it’s difficult to predict how he’ll react.

“Because he’s so much bigger than them, it scares them.”

Princess said, ” “He has a habit of going after Jett and Bunny simply to make them cry.

“He obviously can’t help himself, and he’s not doing it on purpose to cause harm. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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