Forget about Netflix. This Microsoft program gives Windows 10 hundreds of hours of fun.


Forget about Netflix. This Microsoft program gives Windows 10 hundreds of hours of fun.

This year, Microsoft will release a big update that will allow Windows 10 users to add hundreds of hours of fresh entertainment on their devices.

With a slew of significant updates expected for Windows 10 PCs this year, users are keen to learn more about what’s ahead. And just last week, Microsoft announced plans to make one of its most popular features available as a free download on Windows 10 PCs.

The Xbox app is already available in the Windows Store and allows gamers to manage their accounts as well as play games.

However, playing these video games on a PC has always necessitated the use of special graphics cards and other configurations.

That will all change in 2021, with the launch of a burgeoning service that will allow gamers to stream games.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, like Netflix, allows you to stream a video game over the internet without than utilizing any gear.

The program isn’t free, but it comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which has proven to be a hit among Xbox users.

The Xbox Game Pass works in a similar way to Netflix in that you pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for unlimited access to a library of video games.

You also gain access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service if you buy the Ultimate version, which allows you to access this collection from your phone, PC, or tablet.

Although this new service is still in development, Microsoft is already testing a version that can be accessed through the Xbox App on Windows 10.

This means that, in the not-too-distant future, anyone will be able to buy an Xbox Game Pass, power up their PC, and play any game in the library via the internet.

The only drawback is that you’ll need a suitable controller to play these games on your PC right now.

“Xbox Cloud Gaming with the Xbox App gives the same wonderful Xbox experience you’re used to,” Microsoft said in a statement. Play with your friends in over 100 high-quality Xbox console games; pick up a saved game you started on your Xbox; or try out a completely new game from the Xbox Game Pass catalog to see whether you want to download it to your console.

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