For the first time since 1992, the KLF has re-released its music


Singles compilation Solid State Logik 1 appears years after its removal on streaming platforms and YouTube, with further reissues planned shortly.

For the first time on streaming platforms and YouTube, Rave-pop pioneers KLF have released their biggest hits, and have indicated that more music will follow later this year. Today, the eight-track collection, entitled Solid State Logik 1, was released, including 1988 No. 1 novelty single Doctorin ‘the Tardis, 1991 UK No. 1 dance anthem 3am Eternal, and the Top 5 hits Last Train to Trancentral and America: It’s Grim Up North is also included, their previous hit version of What Time is Love, the Justified & Ancient Tammy Wynette collaboration, and the studio version of the In 1992, with Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty as guest musicians, the group split in spectacular fashion.

An announcer announced “the KLF have left the music business,” after their appearance at the Britons, and they left a dead sheep on the after-party steps with a note reading, “I’m dead to you.” They removed their entire catalog in May 1992, and in 1994 they burned a million pounds they had received from the collective in a performance art happening on the Scottish island of Jura. This is the first time. U.S. listeners have been able to access a collection called The Works since then, but it has since been removed. Posters erected in London suggest that, under the overall title Samplecity Via Trancentral, there will be a second installment of the Solid State Logik release, as well as four other reissues. Kick-Out D’Jams, Pure Trance Collection, Come Down Dawn and Moody Boys Picked are the other four “non-consecutive chapters” The releases would include material released under the names of KLF, JAMs, Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and Timelords, and, it is promised, “there will be out-takes.” During its lifespan, the group released four studio albums and numerous compilations and singles, with Cauty producing music concurrently in the Orb. KLF’s return: “They were agents of chaos.”


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