For the First Time in Over a Year, Diane Sawyer Takes to Twitter to Call Out ‘Ted Lasso.’


For the First Time in Over a Year, Diane Sawyer Takes to Twitter to Call Out ‘Ted Lasso.’

The name Ted Lasso is on everyone’s lips.

The show has become an instant classic after only two seasons on Apple TV+. This isn’t your normal sitcom.

Ted, the main character, is a refreshing change from the normal cynical sitcom protagonist. It’s possible that this is one of the reasons for the show’s success. Perhaps the world needs a bit more positivity and pink-boxed biscuits following a global pandemic.

Ted’s style is admired by celebs as well. Ted Lasso has a surprising number of famous fans.

Diane Sawyer, according to Mashable, is a huge Ted Lasso fan.

‘Ted Lasso’ swept the EmmysFans can admire a program for as long as they want, but nothing cements the idea that it’s fantastic like a few Emmys. Ted Lasso now has just that.

These major television awards demonstrate that the show is not just popular with viewers, but it is also objectively superior to others.

And Ted Lasso came out on top.

Ted Lasso has 20 Emmy nominations and seven wins, according to the Emmys.

All of them are for the Emmys in 2021.

After the award event, Ted Lasso and its stars received seven trophies, some of them were for major categories. For his depiction of the main character, Ted, Jason Sudeikis won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. For her work as Rebecca, Hannah Waddingham won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Ted Lasso also won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, which is possibly the most astounding achievement.

‘Ted Lasso’ is a favorite of Diane Sawyer.

It’s safe to assume that practically everyone is a Ted Lasso fan after his Emmy performance.

Diane Sawyer, a serious journalist, is one of them. She’s so enamored with the show that she tweeted for the first time in a year after Ted Lasso mentioned her name in one of the episodes. Rebecca offers Ted a drink in this scene. “What do you think of a cocktail, Coach Lasso?” she inquires. “The same thing I’d say to Diane Sawyer if she ever asked me out on a date,” Ted responds. “Please, yes.” “Dear @TedLasso — I’m in,” Sawyer tweeted alongside the video. “It’s your turn.” The Emmys are nice, but Diane Sawyer agreeing to go on a date is much better.

The official Ted Lasso Twitter account had to answer, and they obviously did so while mentioning another celebrity.

Sawyer’s tweet was shared by the Ted account, with the remark “Oh… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.”


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