For Netflix’s The Crown, the Princess Diana actress recreates the’revenge dress’ look.


For Netflix’s The Crown, the Princess Diana actress recreates the’revenge dress’ look.

For the upcoming fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown, PRINCESS DIANA actress Elizabeth Debicki has recreated the late royal’s famous “revenge dress” look.

The fifth season of Netflix’s hit royal drama The Crown is currently in production.

The fourth series, which premiered in November of last year on the streaming service, told the story of Prince Charles and Diana’s early romance.

The next installment, on the other hand, will focus on their breakup and Diana’s later years.

Elizabeth Debicki, an Australian actress, was recently seen filming the series in a replica of Diana’s 1994 “revenge dress.”

Princess Diana was known for her fashion sense, but one of her most well-known looks was widely interpreted as a form of vengeance.

Diana defied royal protocol in 1994 when she stepped out in a revealing off-the-shoulder gown as her husband, Prince Charles, admitted to being unfaithful.

As a result, her “revenge dress,” which she wore to a glitzy London event, was dubbed.

Elizabeth, who plays the late royal in the upcoming series of The Crown, has recreated the iconic look.

New photos show the actress as Diana exiting her car at the Serpentine Gallery in London for the Vanity Fair dinner in 1994.

Elizabeth was dressed in a copy of Christina Stambolian’s silk crepe cocktail dress with side sash, which retails for £900.

She also wore a replica of the royal’s sapphire, diamond, and pearl necklace.

While filming scenes for the Netflix drama, the star’s hair and make-up were styled similarly to Diana’s.

On Monday, Elizabeth was seen filming the scenes at a gallery in Hyde Park, close to Kensington Palace.

Emma Corrin, who played a young Diana in the previous series of The Crown, was replaced by the actress.

Diana had purchased the now-famous gown in 1991, but she reportedly thought it was too daring to wear at the time.

Charles admitted to having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, who is now his wife, in a TV documentary interview with Jonathan Dimbleby on the same evening she wore the outfit.

Diana’s controversial 1995 interview with Martin Bashir will be the subject of an entire episode in the upcoming series of The Crown.

Some royal experts, on the other hand, have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation.

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