For less than £24 you can have a quiet desk fan that’s ‘ideal for heat waves.’


For less than £24 you can have a quiet desk fan that’s ‘ideal for heat waves.’

THOSE OF US who were horribly unprepared for the present heatwave have been scrambling to locate fans to keep us cool – and by chance, the ANSIO Desk Fan, which reviewers say is “ideal for heat waves,” is currently on sale.

It can be difficult to appreciate a heatwave when you’re sitting at your desk in a small, stifling room and attempting to sleep at night. Rather than taking advantage of the clear skies and nice weather, you wind yourself sweating, fatigued, and uncomfortable for the duration.

Amazon (£23.27) is a good place to start.

You may get a portable desk fan to keep you cool instead of suffering in quiet. Fans don’t have to be expensive, and this portable desk fan from Ansio is now on sale.

The fan is normally £32.47, but it is presently on sale for £23.27, saving you £9.20 with a 28 percent discount.

If the low price of this fan makes you think you’re sacrificing quality, many of the reviews suggest otherwise. It’s described as a “sturdy fan that actually does keep you cool with very little noise” in this review.

Amazon (£23.27) is a good place to start.

The fan’s low noise level was complimented repeatedly in the reviews, with users saying things like “keeps me cool when trying to sleep,” “I need a fan in bed as I become too hot,” and “keeps me cool when trying to sleep.”

“Not only does this fan keep you cool, but even at maximum speed, it doesn’t sound like an airport.”

The fan also “keeps you cool on those rare British days when it’s too hot to sleep,” according to another user.

You can pick between two speeds on the fan, as well as a horizontal swing option that guarantees airflow is directed in diverse directions to cool greater areas.

“Its operating was smooth yet powerful,” one satisfied client said. “I’m very happy with the outcome.”

The fan’s small size makes it easy to carry around the house with you, and you can easily transfer it from your desk to your bedroom table without exerting any effort.

If you want to get your hands on an Ansio Quiet Desk fan while it’s still on sale, you can do so here on Amazon.


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