For less than £2,000, a couple quoted a startling £6,000 for their dream garden, which they transformed themselves.


For less than £2,000, a couple quoted a startling £6,000 for their dream garden, which they transformed themselves.

A COUPLE WHO WAS QUOTED £6,000 to change their weary garden into their fantasy space opted to take the risk and do it themselves, saving over £4,000 in the process.

Anna Hoban, 33, and her partner Tom Ellens, 25, from Birmingham were charged £6,000 to make their garden into a luxury space, but they saved almost £4,000 by doing it themselves. The couple moved into their property in September 2020 and desired to remodel their garden so that they could enjoy it during the summer. The frugal homeowners, on the other hand, were taken aback when they were quoted £6,000 for the repair.

Instead, they decided to get to work and finished the job in just 17 days for £1,926 – a saving of over £4,000 over the original cost.

The original outdoor space, Anna, a headteacher, characterized as “small” with a “yellow patio” that the pair barely utilized.

She said, “It was on an elevation and it was simply grass.”

The mouth-watering garden quote inspired the couple to be resourceful and innovative.

Rather than spending money on equipment, the couple borrowed gardening tools from their family to complete the task.

Anna claimed that the couple took her mother’s wheelbarrow and other spades from relatives.

“I had a concept of how I wanted the garden to appear – I liked the notion of walking out into a patio, and I wanted a big patio area so we could use it as an outdoor living space,” she explained.

Rather than buying the first thing they saw, Anna and Tom opted to shop around for the greatest deals.

She went on to say, “That’s how you get the best prices.”

The pair sold anything they didn’t use on Facebook Marketplace.

The couple hired a skip and enlisted the help of Tom’s father to remove the debris from the garden.

The couple’s first order of business was to level the garden.

Fortunately, Tom’s father was a “great help” and had previous gardening knowledge.

“We made a diagram on a piece of paper and worked around it,” Tom explained.

“We had an idea of how we wanted it to look, but we had to take it step by step.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” describes the change, which includes new white paving slabs, stones, an outdoor lounger, a dining area, and white brick walls.


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