For her visit to Holyrood, the Queen wears a brooch with a specific, personal connection to Scotland.


For her visit to Holyrood, the Queen wears a brooch with a specific, personal connection to Scotland.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II paid a visit to the headquarters of Irn-Bru, a fizzy orange treat. The Monarch, who adores Scotland, wore a favorite brooch on his lapel.

Wearing blue, Queen Elizabeth II, 95, gave a diplomatic nod to the North. The Scottish flag is blue in color. She also wore a brooch with diamonds, pearls, and gold. The Pearl Trefoil Brooch is the most common name for the piece, while it has also been called a quatrefoil brooch.

Some say the piece has three overlapping gem loops, while others say it has four, resulting in a linguistic snafu.

Regardless, the brooch is undoubtedly Her Majesty’s favorite.

She’s had the garment for at least 36 years, having initially worn it during the 1985 Christmas show.

She accessorized the brooch with two strings of pearls and a light blue outfit for the occasion.

This appearance was extremely evocative of the Queen’s attire from yesterday. Her Majesty was dressed in a light blue coat and bonnet with white and blue flowers.

She was dressed in white gloves and had a strand of pearls around her neck.

A large pearl sits in the center of the trefoil brooch, which is surrounded by more large pearls.

Her Majesty has worn the piece to a variety of official and personal functions.

The item has been seen everywhere from state visits to family christenings.

The Queen commissioned the sculpture in 2009 for a state visit from Mexico.

She wore it at a state visit from Spain in 2017.

The composition was chosen by the Queen at the christening of her great-granddaughter Lena Tindall, Zara Tindall’s second child.

Her Majesty has worn the brooch to church at her beloved private estate of Balmoral on several occasions in Scotland.

Despite the fact that the Queen adores the sculpture, nothing is known about it, including where it came from and if it was a gift or a personal purchase by Her Majesty.

The Queen later replaced the brooch with the Royal Regiment of Scotland Badge.

She is the Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and the piece honors her position with the Royal Standard of Scotland’s Lion Rampant and the Saltire of St. Andrew.

The Queen’s brooches are many and have fascinating backstories.

Her bow brooches were originally owned by Queen Victoria, another famous British monarch.

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