For Dexperts and Beyond: How to Cancel a SHOWTIME Subscription


For Dexperts and Beyond, the Ultimate Guide to Cancelling a SHOWTIME Subscription

SHOWTIME is one of the most popular streaming services, with hit psychological dramas such as Yellowjackets, crime-drama mysteries such as Dexter: New Blood, and all-time classics such as Twin Peaks.

SHOWTIME has successfully acquired a loyal viewership as the go-to streaming platform for fans eager to find out if fan-favorite serial killer Dexter (Michael C Hall) has died.

What happens if you’re dissatisfied with SHOWTIME, and how do you cancel your subscription?

SHOWTIME continues to break new ground and attract viewers from all walks of life, with millions of subscribers to boast about.

But what if you’re not feeling it? Here’s how to make the switch and cancel that subscription once and for all.

If you pay monthly, a SHOWTIME subscription will cost you (dollar)10.99 per month.

Those who are unafraid of long-term commitment can opt for the annual subscription, which costs (dollar)99 per year.

(Or $8.25 per month in dollars.)

Expert advice: Don’t wait until the last minute to cancel.

If you want to cancel your subscription, don’t wait until the day before it renews, as this can easily lead to a never-ending cycle.

If you wait too long, it will renew, which will cost you more money.

If you want to cancel your subscription, go to on your computer or mobile device.

Then go to Account Settings after logging into your account.

You’ll want to choose Cancel Your Subscription, and the rest of the process should go smoothly.

Those who bought a SHOWTIME subscription through Amazon, Apple, or Roku, on the other hand, have a slightly more complicated story.

Those who bought a SHOWTIME subscription through Amazon should go to to cancel their subscription.

Choose Your Android Apps and Devices from the Your Account menu once you’ve logged in.

Next, select “Your Subscriptions” and then “SHOWTIME.”

There’s only one thing left for you to do: press the cancel key.

Those who bought a SHOWTIME subscription from Google Play should go to Google Play and cancel it there.

You should be fine as long as you remember your SHOWTIME account password.

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