For Channel 5 Iceland’s ‘I drew the line,’ Alexander Armstrong discusses what he refused to do.


For Channel 5 Iceland’s ‘I drew the line,’ Alexander Armstrong discusses what he refused to do.

ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG has revealed how he “drawn the line” when filming a sequence for his Channel 5 show, Iceland with Alexander Armstrong, before going into depth about the emotional reasons for his rejection.

During his self-titled Channel 5 series, TV presenter Alexander Armstrong has opened up about where he “drawn the line.” The radio host, 51, reflected on his time filming the series in Iceland with Alexander Armstrong, explaining how he flew to the Nordic country because it was one of the only countries on the green list, before going into detail about what he refused to do while visiting one of the country’s many islands.

There’s where I drew the line.

Armstrong, Alexander

In the show, he travels across the country to learn more about the country’s scenery and inhabitants while also seeing other regions of the island.

Alex enthused about the beauty of the island of Heimaey, saying that its landscape is “even more stunning than the rest of the country’s.”

The celebrity said that puffins, a typical local delicacy, are enjoyed by the locals when they are in season.

Alex, on the other hand, confessed that he refused to try a bite of the bird.

Alex confessed that he was eager to try other creatures but that puffins were sentimental to him when he declined an offer to taste the delicacy.

“However, I drew the line there: rotting shark and sheep’s eyes, yes; puffins, no,” he explained.

The friendly bird is offered as either broiled lumps that resemble liver or smoked pastrami.

Alex went on to say: “Because we used to receive plenty where I grew up in Northumberland, and I adored them, I’m attached to them.

“They also have sad, Maggie Philbin eyes,” he added, referring to the British actress Maggie Philbin.

Alex also visited Husavik in the north of the island, where he consumed rotten shark meat as part of his series.

The singer recounted the one-of-a-kind experience by describing how the villagers cleansed the flesh of its harmful properties.

“They bury it to let it rot for a bit and get rid of some of the harmful ammonia, but the taste of it!” he said.

It comes on in three waves: the first is faintly fishy, the second is somewhat Stiltony, and the third is pure ammonia – pee.

“It just tastes like old tramp,” says the narrator “..


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