For button measurement, an antiques road trip expert wants a larger offer. ‘I require more.’


For button measurement, an antiques road trip expert wants a larger offer. ‘I require more.’

When one of her top picks at auction struggled to raise bids, ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP expert Izzie Balmer argued she required a larger offer.

Experts in Antique Road Trips In a recent episode of the BBC show, Charlie Ross and Izzie Balmer traveled to the Cotswolds. The two were looking for profitable collectibles, and Izzie noticed one small thing that struck her eye. She was attracted by a button measure she discovered in an antiquities shop, but when she put it to auction, she vented her frustrations.

While Charlie and Izzie competed to see who could make the most money at auction, they scoured a variety of antique shops in the Cotswolds.

Izzie was browsing through a store when she came upon a small ruler-like device that piqued her interest.

The antique expert said, taking up the little item, “Oh, I like this.”

“It’s a Victorian calliper gauge or button measure, because it only has a little scale,” she noted of the strange relic.

Izzie stated what drew her attention to the object after examining it more attentively.

“What I particularly enjoy about it is the craftsmanship,” the BBC actor explained.

“It’s so simple, but you’ve got this wonderful brass mount and then the wooden section, and everything just fits together so nicely.”

“It’ll just set you back £25. I mean, I really like this,” she said before heading to the counter to see if she could negotiate a price reduction.

Izzie was able to haggle the price down to £15 after speaking with the shopkeeper, as she was also purchasing other products from the business.

Later in the episode, Izzie reunited with Charlie as the two prepared to auction the stuff they’d purchased.

Izzie hoped to earn a good profit on her Victorian button measure, so she kept a close check on it when it went on the market.

“I love it,” Charlie said, complimenting his co-star on the item. It’s top-notch.”

The auctioneer began bidding at £10, but Izzie, an antique specialist, was not thrilled.

“How much did it cost?” When Charlie noticed that the bids were delayed to start, he inquired.

“I need 15!” says the narrator. Izzie screamed, expressing her dissatisfaction with the bids received thus far.

Fortunately, the bidding quickly surpassed £20, and Charlie declared, “There we go.”

“A tiny bit better,” Izzie continued, her gaze fixed on the subject. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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