For a new BBC series, Gordon Ramsay has been urged to tone down the cursing, but he refuses.


For a new BBC series, Gordon Ramsay has been urged to tone down the cursing, but he refuses.

On the new show Future Food Stars, Gordon Ramsay, a plain-spoken chef, will return to his sweary best.

The show follows his one-season game show, Bank Balance, in which viewers said the chef had been sanitized.

When the cookery competition, known as FFS, airs on BBC1 next year, Gordon, 54, will not hold back.

“This will be Gordon doing what he does best: inspiring, coaching, challenging, and cooking with a generous portion of swearing,” a TV insider added.

“On Bank Balance, he was much more subdued. When you add in the terrible Covid restrictions, it became stiff and uneasy – not the Gordon that everyone loves.

“You simply have to look at how popular the Gordon, Gino, and Fred roadtrips are on ITV, where they always tell him to “just be himself.”

FFS is a hunt for hot new foodies who will compete for a big-money investment in their business, similar to the Apprentice.

Its abbreviation, FFS, is a tribute to Gordon’s proclivity for swearing, much like his Channel 4 show The F Word, which was ostensibly about food.

Gordon dabbled in becoming a prime-time gameshow host on Bank Balance, which aired earlier this year.

On Bank Balance, contestants had to answer questions in order to win the chance to stack gold bars on a perilous wobble board, with a top reward of £100,000 on the line.

However, fans struggled to see Gordon outside of his usual gourmet setting, obviously biting his tongue when he’d ordinarily be coloring the air blue.

Hopefully, FFS will be on after the watershed…

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR is the latest British actress to be cast in Channel 5’s Australian drama Neighbours.

Sophie will be filming scenes in London alongside Amanda’s on-screen niece Harlow, just days after Amanda Holden announced she would be playing Harriet Robinson. Jemma Donovan, the real-life daughter of Ramsay Street legend Jason Donovan, plays Harlow. Sophie will portray herself, and she will give Harlow some “words of wisdom” about her late mother Prue (Denise Van Outen).

Her cameo will be seen by viewers next year. “Neighbours was a significant part of my school days,” Sophie added. We all watched it, enjoyed it, and chatted about it afterwards. It’s a great feeling to finally be able to say I’ve been there.” JACQUELINE JOSSA was made for EastEnders because she enjoys a good row.

For eight years, the actress played Lauren Branning in the BBC1 soap, which was noted for its fiery characters and depressing plots.

She also claims that she secretly enjoys it when she and husband Dan Osborne get into fights, and that he has a unique method of ending them.

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