For £57, you may book “mystery” flights, but the airline decides the location.


For £57, you may book “mystery” flights, but the airline decides the location.

Lufthansa has revived its discount flight package, which allows travelers to book a trip without knowing where they would be going. Destinations include Paris, Amsterdam, and Dublin.

It can be challenging to decide where to go on vacation.

It’s difficult to decide whether to go sun-seeking or culture-seeking when it comes to deciding where to go.

One airline, though, is making your life a bit easier by selecting your vacation destination for you.

Lufthansa has revived its Lufthansa Surprise flights, which send passengers flying around Europe to an unknown destination.

With flights starting at £57, the value is well worth the secrecy.

“Be startled with Lufthansa Surprise!” Lufthansa explained on their website.

Choose your departure airport, one of nine interesting travel subjects, and your preferred trip dates, and you’ll know your destination right away. Look forward to an appealing European destination.” The company has made things a little easier for customers by grouping places into themes, so no matter where you land, you’ll have a wonderful time.

The ‘Worth Seeing’ locations are the most affordable, costing €69 (£57).

You could get a mystery flight to Dublin, Pamplona, Krakow, Riga, Warsaw, and Tallinn if you choose this topic.

You might also go with a different theme, such as ‘Party on’ or ‘Shop till you Drop.’

It will cost you €99 (£83) for the most expensive locations on the list.

Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Venice are just a few of the places you can visit.

To take advantage of the offer, you must fly from either Frankfurt or Munich.

However, all flights are nonstop, and hand luggage is included, so there’s no need to wait!

The location is revealed as soon as you book, so reserving accommodations and arranging your schedule is not a last-minute task.

You can book between one and 42 days before your departure date to take advantage of the offer, making it ideal for both the spontaneous and the well-prepared.

Lufthansa even discloses how much money passengers have saved as a result of the surprise flights, stating that the average savings was €298 (£250) yesterday.

What a steal!

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