For £29 on Black Friday, you can upgrade your car with AI thanks to an Amazon Alexa deal.


For £29 on Black Friday, you can upgrade your car with AI thanks to an Amazon Alexa deal.

With this amazing Black Friday deal on the Amazon Echo Dot, you can finally have your own talking car for just £29 – it even lets you take calls hands-free without the need for a new stereo.

This is your chance to own a talking Knightrider car.

Amazon is offering its Echo Auto for £29.50 as part of its massive Black Friday sale.

The Echo Auto is an Alexa smart speaker that can be used in your car and has all of the same features as an Alexa smart speaker.

It connects to your car stereo and is voice-controlled.

This means you can ask it to play music, order pizza, read the news, or Google things for you while driving.

You can also schedule appointments, listen to audiobooks, and, most importantly, take phone calls.

Here’s where you can learn more about the offer and place an order.

“Customers have told us they want to take Alexa everywhere with them,” said Amazon’s Eric Saarnio.

“We’re ecstatic to provide them with a simple way to add Alexa to their existing vehicle.”

Even on a busy road, the smart speaker has a unique microphone system that ensures your voice is recognized loud and clear.

The Echo Auto, best of all, has no monthly fees, so you won’t have to pay anything extra once you’ve snagged this deal.

The Echo Auto attaches to the air vent and connects to your car stereo via Bluetooth or AUX cable.

It’s important to double-check that your car is compatible with the Echo Auto, as not all models are.

Amazon has compiled a list of vehicles in which the smart speaker will not work with Bluetooth, including:

These cars will, however, be able to use the Echo Auto with an AUX cable, so make sure you get one.

View the complete list here to see if your car is Bluetooth compatible.


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