For 12 years, Dax Shepard kept a snapshot of Natalie Portman in his toolbox because he was ‘obsessed’ with her.


He had Natalie Portman as a guest in a recent episode of Dax Shepard’s podcast.

And although the two explore in the episode a number of subjects, one specific moment in the podcast stands out the most.

That’s the moment when Shepard tells Portman that for 12 years he has been keeping a picture of her in his toolbox.

How did Natalie Portman achieve fame?

The Oscar-winning actress was first spotted by a cosmetic agent at a pizzeria.

Due to her attractiveness, the latter urged her to pursue modeling.

And even though at that moment she was just 11 years old, she wanted to give it a shot.

According to Portman, however, for her personal taste, modeling was too mundane and boring. But she instead began acting.

Not long after she was discovered, in her cult film The Specialist, Portman landed a part.

And while the film (which took a toll on her self-esteem) was trashed by critics, she claims it’s the movie her fans praise the most.

“We got killed by the critics,” she told W Magazine. “It has received horrible, awful reviews.

And in the United States, it just didn’t make much money.

And it’s always the one thing people come to me for,’ admits Portman. “It’s still the movie that people tell me is their favorite. So it just reminded me that it’s the movie that appeals to people – not necessarily the impression at the moment it comes out.”

For 12 years, Dax Shepard kept a portrait of Natalie Portman in his toolbox.

Shepard opens up to Portman in the interview, telling the star that while growing up, he had a huge crush on her. He said that he was so fascinated with her that, for 12 years, he kept a snapshot of Portman in his toolbox.

Shepard reveals, “When Kristen (Bell) and I started dating, she went into my garage. She noticed my toolbox was open, and there was a gigantic picture of you. It had been in my toolbox for 12 years. You’re my favorite actress of all time,” he gushes.

I’m sure my husband had a picture of Kristen Bell in his dressing room,”I’m sure my husband had a picture of Kristen Bell in his dressing room. So it’s all even.”So it’s all even.

Dax Shepard reveals that “weird” was his crush on Natalie Portman

Why did Winona Ryder have a letter of apology to Natalie Portman after ‘Black Swan’?

“So this is where it gets dicey,” during his podcast, Shepard says. I’m six years older than you. I have to believe, since you were cast in, this is a normal occurrence (The Professional).

And I was like, ‘Oh my Goodness, this guy is so talented and so sexy and all that…. I’m also nineteen, and I’m not supposed to feel that way about her…. This is horrible,’ he said.

Shepard continues, despite the age gap, saying, ‘There were moments when I felt I shouldn’t be so in love with this girl.’ He then asks, “Was that something you were aware of?”

Portman says she was conscious that she was beginning to be viewed by journalists as this “Lolita figure.” That’s why, she says, at a young age, she tried to conceal her sexuality.

Portman says that just to feel safe, she will behave rather “conservative” and “prudish”.

And she declined to consider parts with kissing scenes in them during her teenage years.

I began to select roles that were less sexy because I was concerned about how I was viewed and how secure I felt,”I started choosing roles that were less sexy because I was worried about how I was perceived and how safe I felt.”


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