Following the release of his latest video, Monty Don has sparked ‘concern’ among his fans, who have issued a warning: ‘Major issue!’ ’.


Following the release of his latest video, Monty Don has sparked ‘concern’ among his fans, who have issued a warning: ‘Major issue!’ ’.

MONTY DON’s recent video on social media, which shows cows grazing, has generated some debate.

Monty Don posted a video earlier this week of cows soaking in a nearby river, which appeared to be beautiful. The video, however, divided his fans, with some pointing out the flaws in the scenario.

The host of Gardeners’ World posted a brief video of grazing cows in a pasture.

Some of the animals are seen standing in the water, cooling down on a hot day in the video.

“Cattle cooling,” Monty captioned the photo to his 929,000 Instagram followers. The video rapidly picked up over 70,000 views on the image-sharing network.

Some followers, however, were alarmed, pointing out the potential health dangers.

“I’m afraid this isn’t a very good situation,” one wrote below.

“Cattle having unrestricted access to rivers is detrimental to the environment.

“In particular, crumbling the banks, which provide a safe haven for young fish.

“I believe this condition will degrade the river,” said another, adding, “It appears idyllic, but it isn’t.”

“The eutrophication of rivers and the damage to river banks caused by this sort of stuff is a huge issue.

“I take it this is a Wye tributary?” “Do you not have to keep your streams clear of effluent?” a third user inquired. “See Monbiot’s ‘Rivercide’ for the immediate repercussions of this bucolic bliss.”

“Any stock in a watercourse is not allowed in New Zealand,” a fourth added, “especially because NZ rivers are now horribly contaminated by diary industry runoff, and you’d be afraid of cattle going down in sticky muds in Australia.”

“Seeing animals knee-deep in water is immediately concerning.” However, not everyone was concerned about the footage, with other commenters praising the scene’s beauty.

Another follower said in response to his picture, “A country idyll… utterly timeless.” Another added, “Such serene scene… Beautiful!”

A third of Monty’s fans added, “Beautiful like a masterpiece.”

Some of Monty’s fans were alluding to the situation in New Zealand, where river creatures had poisoned the water.

Last year, ABC reported that more than two-thirds of the country’s rivers are hazardous to swim in, in part because to this.

The rise of the dairy industry has aggravated the problem by contaminating water with nitrogen-rich urine and feces.


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