Following his marriage to Pattie Boyd, George Harrison advised couples to do this before getting married.


Following his marriage to Pattie Boyd, George Harrison advised couples to do this before getting married.

The low-key registry office wedding of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd is the focus of this article.

The Beatles provide some marriage advice in this video.

According to Harrison, there are several advantages to being married.

After dating for two years, George Harrison of the Beatles married model Pattie Boyd on January 21, 1966.

They married in a registry office in Surrey, England, in a small ceremony. Here’s a glimpse into the ceremony on that chilly January day, as well as Harrison’s advice to couples planning their own weddings.

Wedding of George Harrison and Pattie Boyd

Harrison and Boyd married in a Surrey registrar office. The couple’s families, Paul McCartney, and Brian Epstein (The Beatles’ manager and Harrison’s best man) were all in attendance. John Lennon and Ringo Starr were both out of town.

Boyd writes in her memoir Wonderful Tonight that she didn’t want a little wedding: “It wasn’t the most gorgeous venue, and it wasn’t the wedding I had dreamed of — I would have preferred to get married in church, but Brian didn’t want a huge fuss.”

They all trusted him so well that George agreed to a discreet register office wedding when he suggested it. He further stated that it had to be kept a secret because “if the press found out, everything would fall apart.” Before the rest of the band, George Harrison despised his time in the Beatles. Boyd and Harrison were both dressed to the nines, despite the modest ceremony.

“I purchased a Mary Quant pinky-red shot-silk dress, which I paired with creamy stockings and sharp red shoes,” Boyd writes. I donned a crimson fox-fur coat, also by Mary Quant, that George had given me on top because it was January and freezing. George was given a lovely black Mongolian lamb coat by her.” George Harrison on his marriage The Evening Standard published a profile of Harrison and Boyd in their house in 1966. He met Boyd while working on a film, he told writer Maureen Cleave. “I married her because I loved her and I was tired of not being married,” he stated. The average age for persons to marry is 22.

According to the book George Harrison on George Harrison, “that’s when a fuel pump attendant gets married even if he doesn’t have all these people gazing at him.”

He went on to give the following counsel to all couples considering marriage.

He said, “We’re a perfect complement for each other.” “Before they…, people should know everything there is to know about each other.” News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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