Following fan demands to Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson breaks his silence on farm program news.


Following fan demands to Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson breaks his silence on farm program news.

Clarkson’s Farm, starring JEREMY CLARKSON, has been recommissioned for a second season on Amazon.

Jeremy Clarkson recently advised fans to write to Amazon if they wanted to see another season, claiming that he had no control over the matter. Today, the auto aficionado turned farmer announced that their demands had been heard and that a new series was in the works.

The Grand Tour star confirmed the news on Twitter, which was captured by his co-star Kaleb Cooper.

“Following the popularity of the first series, I am thrilled to announce that there will be a second series of Clarkson’s Farm,” he stated to the camera.

“Are you referring to Kaleb’s farm?” His co-star jumped in with a witty remark.

Jeremy dismissed his colleague’s suggestion and affirmed that the entire crew, including his partner Lisa Hogan, would be returning.

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The 61-year-old earlier stated that a new series was not in the works.

“No,” he told a fan at the time.

We’re not. Send an email to Amazon; their decision is final.”

Fans quickly took to Twitter to request that the streaming service do so.

“@PrimeVideo pleasepleaseplease it was the best thing I’ve watched all year,” one user remarked.

“@primevideouk @AmazonUK,” said another. What in the world are you up to?! Now is the time to sign off on Series 2! @JeffBezos.”

Fans flocked to the presenter’s Instagram account to express their joy at the show’s comeback.

“Good news,” one person said. “Now I want a Christmas special where Kaleb and Clarkson visit other farms all around the world.” I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

“I just tweeted Prime about 10 minutes ago to offer you a second session,” a third added. I have to say, I am overjoyed!! Season 2 is on its way.”

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“I can’t wait,” a third said. “It was the best show on TV, very funny.”

Eager viewers also questioned the presenter about when the new season would return to television.

“Not anytime soon,” he said. Filming will take a year. That’s how it works in farming.”

The presenter purchased Diddly Squat Farm 12 years ago and developed his own farm business since then.

In an interview with the press, including This website, the host stated that local farmers were first skeptical of his talents.

“I’m absolutely,” he responded. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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