Following a savage Anne Robinson dig, Rachel Riley leaps to defend a Countdown contestant.


Rachel Riley leaps to the defense of a Countdown contestant after Anne Robinson’s savage dig.

In Thursday’s episode, RACHEL RILEY was quick to defend a Countdown contestant when Anne Robinson criticized the player’s math skills.

On Thursday afternoon, Anne Robinson returned to the Countdown hosting chair to put two more contestants’ literary and math skills to the test.

Rachel Riley was on hand with the numbers and letters, and Susie Dent was joined in Dictionary Corner by Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas.

On Thursday, lecturer Stu Harkness and student Matty Hurst battled it out, but when the latter took the lead, Anne decided to put the player on the spot.

After scoring a whopping 148 points on Wednesday afternoon, Stu had already made an impression on Channel 4 viewers.

So Matty, a 16-year-old schoolboy, was up against it, and it was clear early on that Stu wasn’t up to the task.

Stu had a score of 94 going into the final numbers round of the head-to-head, while Matty had a score of 38.

Rachel chose six, four, one, two, nine, and another six for Matty’s final numerical brainteaser of the day.

Matty and Stu needed to add the six numbers up to 401 to get the points.

Matty, on the other hand, was unable to respond when the famous clock had reached the 30-second mark.

“I used the six twice,” he admitted to Anne, who then turned to Stu.

“I’m going to have a party at 401,” Stu sheepishly replied, smirking.

“Off you go,” Anne said as Stu ran through his calculations to arrive at the total.

“You knew you had it,” Rachel joked as she scribbled down the equation.

As Stu raised his score to 104, a round of applause erupted in the studio.

“Yeah, but he’s a maths teacher, Rachel,” Anne jibed at Stu, unimpressed.

Rachel quickly defended the Countdown contestant, not letting Anne put a damper on Stu’s efforts.

Rachel stated emphatically, “There’s still a lot more pressure.”

“Math is about a lot more than just putting numbers together,” she continued.

“It’s a skill,” Rachel added, putting an end to Anne’s jab at the reigning Countdown champion.

Stu’s victory was now assured, but he was defeated in the conundrum round.

Neither of the Countdown players were able to do so.

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