Following a job offer, a newcomer to A Place In The Sun “spent about two weeks in tears.”


Following a job offer, a newcomer to A Place In The Sun “spent about two weeks in tears.”

Leah Charles King, a newcomer to A PLACE IN THE SUN, spoke exclusively to This website about her reaction to the job offer.

Leah Charles King has revealed her reaction to the news that she would be presenting on A Place in the Sun exclusively to This website.

Following his selection from a pool of applicants, the newcomer spent “two weeks in tears.”

I was in tears for about two weeks.

King, Leah Charles

After her final audition, Leah explained that she waited a month to find out if she had gotten the part, which she described as “so stressful.”

“Then, out of nowhere, I got a call from the boss, and I started crying, right in the middle of the street,” she explained.

“I had my granny trolley with me, and I was about to go to my grocery store, and I had just gotten out of the dentist, when I got this call, and I was thinking, ‘do I answer it or do I wait until later?’

“I know if it’s bad news, I’ll cry, and if it’s good news, I’ll cry hard.”

Leah Charles-King (@leahcharlesking) shared this.

“I was like, ‘I can’t wait, I’m just going to call him back,'” Leah continued.

“Then I was told, and I cried for about two weeks because it was a huge relief after everything I’d been through with my mental health.”

Being an ambassador for Bipolar UK, Leah has been candid about her mental health struggles.

“That feeling of triumphing over adversity and refusing to give up was strong,” the presenter continued.

“I’ve had suicidal thoughts in the past, and I’ve attempted suicide on a couple of occasions.”

“However, presenting is something I am confident in and have worked hard to master.

“It makes me happy, and I’m not doing it for fame and fortune,” Leah wrote.

I’ve never been motivated by money, but it does make me happy.”

“When I was sick the last time, I promised myself I’d hang in there a little longer because miracles do happen, and I’m glad I did because here I am!”

“That’s why, for two weeks, I cried as much as I could.”

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