Following a complaint, a Spanish town advises residents to leave if they “can’t tolerate” rural living.


Following a complaint, a Spanish town advises residents to leave if they “can’t tolerate” rural living.

Tourists who “can’t manage” rural living have been advised to leave a Spanish town. It comes after visiting tourists complained about the picturesque town’s noise.

A small seaside town in Asturias, Spain, turned to Twitter earlier this month to warn tourists about the natural noises made by cattle and churches in the village. It further advised tourists not to visit the town if they “couldn’t manage” the loudness.

Ribadesella, a small municipality in Spain, used social media to advise tourists who couldn’t tolerate the country’s noises to go somewhere else.

Tourists are being warned about the realities of rural life by a billboard campaign launched by the town.

Ribadesella is home to a number of farms as well as churches with frequently ringing bells.

It had received a number of complaints from tourists who were unable to cope with the constant loudness.

“Here we have church bells that ring out on a regular basis, roosters that crow early in the morning, and herds of livestock that reside nearby and occasionally carry cowbells that also produce noise,” the poster stated.

“You might not be in the appropriate position if you can’t manage all of this.”

This message was sent out in response to a call from a woman who was upset about a rooster.

The woman had called “three or four times about a rooster that woke her up at five a.m.,” said Ramón Canal, the mayor of Ribadesella, to Spanish network Antena 3.

Other complaints included the noise generated by braying donkeys and the presence of cow pats in the village.

People visiting from cities should be aware that “milk does not come in cartons; the cows bring it, and you must feed and maintain them,” according to Canal.

“It is usual to hear a rooster crowing at night,” deputy mayor Luis Sánchez stated in an interview with the newspaper La Voz de Asturias.

“If you go to a country hotel, you should be aware that it is rural and that this is how towns operate.”

He said that a community in the south of France inspired the town’s billboard campaign.

Following protests from city-dwelling tourists, Saint-André-de-Valborgne tried a similar technique a few years ago.

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