Flint: the Montrose filmmaker’s documentary to be shown on BBC Scotland


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What’s the tale?

Hey. Flint.

I need more info.

It’s a documentary showing one of the worst man-made catastrophes in the history of the United States. Flint, Michigan, the birthplace of General Motors, was once a prosperous area. It was agreed in 2013 to move the water supply in the area from Lake Huron to the contaminated Flint River to save money.

That didn’t end well?

Oh, no. With brown water pouring out of the taps, citizens of Flint started reporting questions about illnesses. A movement to change the availability of water has been initiated. Anthony Baxter, the Montrose filmmaker, spent five years documenting this war.

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What did this involve?

Before the story made headlines around the nation, Baxter arrived in Flint. Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo, who stars in the film, and narrator Alec Baldwin, who is seen visiting a family in Flint, provided support.

That’s what happened next.

Long after the news cameras left, Baxter and his team stayed in Flint to capture the aftermath, as trust in the authorities irrevocably shattered. Even after the water supply was restored, the problems didn’t stop.

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According to a leading pediatrician, many children have suffered permanent damage to their brains and reproductive systems.

When to watch.

Flint airs on BBC Scotland, Tuesday, 10pm.


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