Flight attendant secrets: Cabin crew named ‘without a doubt’ the worst kind of passenger.


Flight attendant secrets: Cabin crew named ‘without a doubt’ the worst kind of passenger.

A FLIGHT ATTENDANT has revealed the nastiest passengers she’s ever met on a plane. Is it possible that you’re one of them? Flight attendant Lucia Taboada, who also runs the travel blog diarioazafata.com, has been flying for years. She told This Website about the strangest scenarios she’s encountered and the worst passengers a stewardess can encounter on a flight.

“The worst kind, without a sure, are the drunk passengers who turn into belligerent travelers,” Lucia remarked.

“Some people are terrified of flying and experience fear before taking a journey.

“They believe that drinking before flying will help them sleep better and have a better flight.”

“The true issue is those who drink for enjoyment and then board the plane to have a party and upset other passengers.”

“If we refuse to provide them more drinks during the flight, they become violent,” she stated.

Lucia went on to describe some of the other bizarre scenarios she encounters on a regular basis with passengers.

“I’ve been flying since 2004 and have seen a lot.”

“After traveling through the cabin with the service trolley on one occasion, we saw a man cutting Spanish ham with a huge knife, who had earlier rejected the onboard food.”

“It was about 10cm in length.” We obviously told him he couldn’t take it on the plane and that he had to give it up.

“He was taken aback by that, but he cooperated.” The strangest part about it is how he got through security with that knife.” “Getting a pedicure on the tray table is a thing,” she continued.

“Or when passengers go barefoot to the bathroom…” she added.

Dan Air, a flight attendant who who runs the blog Confessions of a Trolley Dolly, discussed his least favorite type of passenger.

“Aside from the obvious drunks, stag and hen groups, the moaners have to be the worst kind of passengers.”

“There are some things over which we have no control.”

“If the plane is delayed because of bad weather or a technical problem.” If the meal or drink you want is no longer available. We can only apologize for these problems; we can’t fix them, and taking your rage out on us isn’t acceptable,” he stated.

“In this world, people have REAL problems.

“Remember that just being on a plane is a privilege,” says the narrator. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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