Fiz Brown of Coronation Street is ready for more misery after a new man conned her?


Fiz Brown of Coronation Street is ready for more misery after a new man conned her?

Fiz Brown of CORONATION STREET has been saddened and humiliated in recent months as her ex-boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs settles into his new life with Alina Pop, who lives just down the street. Fiz’s luck appeared to be set to change in Friday’s episode, but is everything as it seems?

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) left Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) to pick up the pieces of her life after he decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore and moved in with Alina (Ruxandra Porojnicu), who is now pregnant. Fiz, who has lived on Coronation Street for a long time, has had to watch as her ex-boyfriend abandoned her and their children and began a new life. Fiz had a “meet cute” with a stranger on Friday’s episode of the ITV soap before asking her out on a date. Could he be an opportunist pursuing her money, given how close their encounter was to her bombshell story in the paper?

On Friday’s episode, Fiz was working in the furniture store when she discovered a customer who had been loitering unobserved.

Tyrone rushed through the doors, and he and Fiz had a dispute, so the mystery man hid behind a closet.

Fiz noticed the customer after Tyrone had departed. “Have you been here since the beginning?” She inquired.

He said, “Yes.” “I hope you don’t think I was listening in, but you two were in the middle of something, and I didn’t want to get in the way.”

“I’m sorry you had to listen to all of that,” Fiz apologized, but the client seemed to understand.

He said, “No problem.” “It’s good to be a bystander for a change.”

He said, “I’ve been on the receiving end of a couple charges myself this past year.”

“This is from my wife. He explained, “Well, ex-wife.” “Sorry to hear that,” Fiz answered, but it was evident the two had a connection.

The mysterious man then informed Fiz that he’d recently relocated into the area and was in need of a wardrobe.

Tyrone and Fiz had been squabbling over a story published in their local daily in which Fiz had given an anonymous account of their breakup.

Despite the fact that no names were stated, everyone on the cobbles knew who it was about, and Alina and Tyrone were furious.

Will Todd be able to escape without being noticed?

In less than a half-hour, you’ll find out! “Brinkwire Summary News,” #Corrie @itv @wearestv.


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